The Top 10 Stress Relievers

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There are numerous ways on how to lessen pressure and tension. If you are already feeling the stressed, this article is right for you! I have discussed here the top ten stress relievers to help you prevent stress and to relax. Keep on reading and start living normally!

1. Breathing Exercises.

As the American Institute of Stress president Paul Rosch puts it, beating stress is just a matter of releasing yourself from that stressful situation and catching a few breaths. Deep breathing is an effortless stress reliever that gives numerous benefits to the body. One of these benefits is oxygenating the blood which leads to waking up of the brain, quieting the mind, and relaxing muscles. These exercises are also helpful because they can be done anytime and anywhere and can relieve your stress very fast.

Deep breathing is very healthy since it includes the lungs, diaphragm, and abdomen. This pushes full oxygen exchange throughout the lungs and chest.

2. Meditation.

Meditation had long been included in the history of Hinduism and Buddhism and although it’s considered a spiritual practice, this can also be an effective stress reliever. This stress reliever is further than deep breathing. Meditation focuses the energy of the mind on a symbol, sound, or comforting image; the brain enters its part of functioning similar to sleep.

The purpose is to create a deep state of tranquility and relaxation while improving your mental focus. The mental focus keeps the mind from working and thus increases the stress level. Meditation also releases certain hormones which promote health.

3. Guided Imagery.

Practice is needed to get used to guided imagery. This is a great stress reliever that relaxes the body. Some find it easier than yoga because it is easier for them to focus on something than on nothing. To have a more immersive experience, you can play natural sounds for your background.

4. Visualization.

This stress reliever is further than guided imagery. You may imagine yourself becoming healthier and relaxed, handling conflicts better, and achieving goals. You can visualize yourself listening to waves, lying on the beach, or feeling the gentle breeze and warm sun. You can also visualize an erotic fantasy and picture yourself in your happiest state.

5. Self-hypnosis.

This incorporates some of the elements of visualizations and guided imagery with more benefits. It enables a person to communicate with his subconscious directly. This improves his ability to feel less pain, easily give up bad habits and develop healthier ones.

6. Exercise.

A lot of people exercise to have a good physical condition and to control weight but it can also be a good stress reliever. Exercise can be an outlet for frustrations; it can give distractions for stressful situations. Exercise can also provide a lift via endorphins. Any form of exercise can help you discard stress but there are activities that alleviate tension. Ask a healthcare provider about an exercise program that suits your needs.

7. Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

By relaxing and tensing all the muscle groups of the body, one can relieve stress and feel more relaxed in just minutes. There’s no need for special equipment or training. Begin by tensing the muscles of the face, grimacing for 10 seconds, and completely relaxing for 10 seconds after. Repeat the steps with the neck, shoulders, and so forth. Another relaxation technique is to curl your toes against your feet’s soles as hard as you can. Do this for 15 seconds.

8. Sex.

This is an excellent stress reliever and can give lots of benefits. It’s sad though that many people who have high-stress levels have less sex.

9. Music.

Music therapy provides numerous benefits for people with mild to severe stress levels. The right music can actually lower stress levels and relax the body and mind. Keep your music player loaded with enjoyable and relaxing music and keep it handy.

10. Yoga.

This is one of the oldest self-enhancement techniques. It incorporates the stress management techniques like meditation, breathing, movement, and imagery.

There are many benefits of yoga to health. This includes an increase in body awareness, relief of muscle tension, relaxation of mind and body, sharp and toned muscles, and improve flexibility.

The above techniques are proven to be effective in relieving stress. People in different age groups require a certain stress reliever that fits their needs. It will always be safe to consult a doctor about your needs.

Use these stress relievers and start living worry and stress-free from now on!


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