Stress Relief Meditation – Tips to Meditate Better

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Stress relief meditation can be a great tool to relieve stress to make you calmer, more relaxed and at one with the world and yourself. This is important because constant stress has serious impacts on your mental, emotional and physical health that can lead to a list of problems including anxiety disorders, depression and a lower immune system that will make you get sicker more often and recover slower too.

Knowing about stress relief meditation may do more than make your life a little more relaxing it might in fact give you a better quality of life, a happier life and a healthier life. Why? Because meditating not only brings relaxation but also clarity of mind which allows you to deal with stress better and lastly actually has a physical impact on the body as it reduces the amount of stress hormones which have been causing your immune system to flag under the pressure too.

So if you want more control in your life and also a better and healthier mind and body then meditation is something anyone can do to begin this process. These following tips can help you do this easier.

  • 1. Setting – Make sure you have a place that you will be comfortable in and is also somewhere that you will not be distracted for at least 30 minutes.
  • 2. Posture – Whether your sit on the ground, on a chair or even lie down on the ground make sue your spine is straight and you will be comfortable for the duration.
  • 3. Breathing – Deep slow breathing will lower the heart rate which relaxes the body and is also a good way to focus on something that take your mind of stressful thoughts.
  • 4. Relaxation – Try relaxing each part of your body at a time staring from your feet, then your legs, then your core to your arms, shoulder neck and finally the head. Each step of the way you should feel muscle relaxation.
  • 5. Visualization – This is a technique that allows you to imagine a place with no stress that relaxes you. Try to see, hear, smell, touch and taste this place and you will find your worries melt away and your body actively fight against stress.

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