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All PDF Tools In One Web Application

Discover PDF Tools – your all-in-one web solution for seamless PDF file management. Effortlessly convert, organize, edit, compress, and secure your PDFs while ensuring top-notch quality. With an intuitive interface, accomplish tasks swiftly and effectively from any device with an internet connection. Elevate your PDF management experience today.

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PDF Tools

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PDF Tools

PDF Tools

PDF Tools

PDF Tools

PDF Tools


PDF tools web app offers a variety of tools to edit and manipulate PDF files. Here are all the available tools that our app offers:

  • Merge PDF Tool: Combine multiple PDF files into a single document.
  • Rotate PDF Tool: Rotate pages in a PDF document to adjust the orientation.
  • Remove Pages Tool: Delete specific pages from a PDF document.
  • Organize PDF Tool: Rearrange pages in a PDF document to create a custom order.
  • Compress PDF Tool: Reduce the file size of a PDF document for easier sharing and storage.
  • Grayscale PDF Tool: Convert a PDF document to grayscale for printing purposes.
  • Extract PDF Pages Tool: Extract selected pages from a PDF document to create a new file containing only the desired pages.
  • Repair PDF Tool: Fix corrupted or damaged PDF files (Limited repairing capabilities).
  • JPG to PDF Tool: Convert JPG images to PDF documents.
  • PNG to PDF Tool: Convert PNG images to PDF documents.
  • BMP to PDF Tool: Convert BMP images to PDF documents.
  • TIFF to PDF Tool: Convert TIFF images to PDF documents.
  • Word to PDF Tool: Convert Word documents to PDF format.
  • PowerPoint to PDF Tool: Convert PowerPoint presentations to PDF format.
  • TXT to PDF Tool: Convert plain text files to PDF format.
  • Excel to PDF Tool: Convert Excel spreadsheets to PDF format.
  • PDF to JPG Tool: Convert PDF documents to JPG images.
  • PDF to PNG Tool: Convert PDF documents to PNG images.
  • PDF to BMP Tool: Convert PDF documents to BMP images.
  • PDF to TIFF Tool: Convert PDF documents to TIFF images.
  • PDF to Word Tool: Convert PDF documents to Word format (Converts only text. Image and formatting will not be preserved).
  • PDF to PowerPoint Tool: Convert PDF documents to PowerPoint format.
  • PDF to TXT Tool: Convert PDF documents to plain text format.
  • PDF to ZIP Tool: Convert PDF documents to compressed ZIP files.
  • Protect PDF Tool: Add password protection to a PDF document to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Unlock PDF Tool: Remove password protection from a PDF document for easier editing and sharing.


  • Security guaranteed – Files will be deleted from server after one hour.
  • The maximum file size that each tool can accept as input can be changed.​
  • Compatible All Browsers.
  • Responsive.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Google Analytics Ready.
  • Multiple languages support.
  • About, Terms and Condition, Privacy and Contact Pages.

Technology Stack:

  • Programming language: JavaScript
  • Framework: Next.js


PDF Tools documentation is available via this link

Installation | Watch, set up, and go!

Elevate your PDF Tools App installation experience with our comprehensive video tutorials! We’ve meticulously crafted step-by-step guides to ensure a seamless setup process, regardless of your preferred platform. Explore our installation videos below and get started effortlessly:

Installing PDF Tools App on a VPS (Ubuntu):

Effortlessly set up the PDF Tools App on your VPS.
Watch now

Installing PDF Tools App on a Digital Ocean Droplet:

Quick and easy installation on your Digital Ocean droplet.
Watch now

Installing PDF Tools App on Digital Ocean App Platform:

Seamlessly deploy on the Digital Ocean App platform.
Watch now

Installing PDF Tools App on VPS Using aaPanel:

Install via aaPanel on your VPS with ease.
Watch now

Change Logs

Optimized the code for deleting files after one hour. 
Updated the content of the PDF File 'Deploy Next.js to VPS (Ubuntu) using Docker and Github repository'.
- Updated documentation (Limitations Section)
- Fixed client-side error related to memory issues (Extracted width and scale values as props in PageContent component + reduced width and scale values of pdf pages thumbnails).
- Updated Dockerfile to include missing fonts in docker image. Imported Fonts folder needs to be downloaded separately.
- Added the "Fonts" folder to the project directory. This folder is necessary when using Docker for deployment.
- Updated packages.
- Refactored code and Optimized right to left support. 
- Minor changes in styles
- Changed the style and position of the "Go Back to Upload" button and replaced the home icon with the text "Start Over." 
- Updated some text translations that were previously translated incorrectly.
- Updated documentation. 
Class relocation: In index.js file in pages folder, "className={${styles.tools_col}}" moved to a new location for consistent grid element size.
<strong>Upgrade Instructions:</strong>
1. Download the latest version (Released on 06/15/2023).
2. Overwrite (replace) the old index.js file in the pages folder in your project with the updated index.js file.
3. Ensure you only replace the index.js file in the pages folder while keeping the rest of the files intact.
- Fixed issues in right to left display.
- Refactored application code and CSS.
- Optimized compression command.
- Improved app performance on mobile devices.
- Added translations for certain titles.
- Updated documentation to include a link to the aaPanel video tutorial.
- Added complete list of alternate links.
- Fixed error in translation. 
- Optimized commands for Protect PDF and Unlock PDF Tools (You just need to update the content of the files pagesapiprotect-pdf.js and pagesapiunlock-pdf.js ). 
- Fixed error in extract pdf pages tool (You just need to update the function handleExtractPagesFileSelection in helpersutils.js).
- Fixed the Infinity icon issue (I introduced an alias for the 'Infinity' icon as 'InfinityIcon').

Demo does not use Google analytics script. However it is included with the purchased code and ready to use.

Code maintenance

Source code is regularly maintained. After each update, it’s better to use the last published version of the project to guaranty code and features quality and optimization.


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