Kari Lake’s Idea For A ‘Really Fair’ Election Is Her Most Bonkers One Yet

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Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate and adamant election denier Kari Lake spilled her idea for “really fair” elections, and it would include Republicans winning across the board.

Lake, who hasrepeatedly deniedthe outcome of last year’s gubernatorial election, spoke at an Iowa rally on Friday after recently teasing a U.S. Senate campaign.

The Trump-backed Republican, who claimed she plans to take her election case to the U.S. Supreme Court, told the crowd that there are “a lot of great” candidates in her party and remarked that a fair election would have a favorable result for the GOP.

“We’ve got great candidates on the Republican Party and on our side. We’ve got so many great candidates that if our elections were really fair, I believe the ranks of Congress, the Senate, I think a White House, I think all the state governorships would be Republican if elections were fair,” Lake said.

Lake also continued her claims that she didn’t lose the election in November to Democrat Katie Hobbs, and she quoted her father Friday in an attempt to convince the crowd of her falsehood.

“He said, ‘Stay in the fight, but if you lose, you lose with dignity, you shake the other person’s hand and you walk away,’” Lake said.

“I didn’t lose, so I’m not doing that.”

Lake insisted she would explore other runs for elected office if need be. However, she said she would not “go away” despite pressure to concede to Hobbs, who has been Arizona’s governor since Jan. 2.


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