‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Director Writes Moving Tribute To Late Wife

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Director and producer Robert B. Weide honored his late wife, Linda Weide, in an emotional obituary commemorating her life and their love.

“Linda Weide, my remarkable wife, believed everybody’s age was nobody’s business,” begins the obituary, which appeared in The Los Angeles Times and can be read in full here. “Let’s just say she was ageless and timeless. She had a kind of elegance from another era. She studied acting under Stella Adler, who told her, ‘My dear, you should only play queens.’ She was certainly my Queen for 28 years, 25 married.”

Robert B. Weide was the principal director and executive producer of the first five years of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the Emmy-award-winning HBO Comedy starring Larry David that premiered in 2000. Linda Weide’s acting career included playing the role of Penelope in a Los Angeles stage production of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Happy Birthday, Wanda June” ― at the request of the renowned author himself, according to her obituary.

Linda and Robert B. Weide in 2006.

Stefanie Keenan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Linda died of a rare neurological condition known as progressive supranuclear palsy. Robert wrote that his wife died in his arms and noted, “If you must die, try to do it in the arms of someone who loves you. It helps.”

The obituary goes on to celebrate Linda’s generosity, intelligence and wit.

“After we purchased side-by-side cemetery plots years ago, I asked her what she wanted her marker to say,” her husband recalled. “She answered, ‘I’m with Stupid.’ (That request will not be honored.) Oh dear ― what am I ever supposed to do without her?”

He concluded the eulogy on an especially poignant note.

“They say, ‘Nothing lasts forever,’ but they didn’t know about my love for her,” he wrote. “28 years wasn’t nearly long enough. Still, I may just be the luckiest SOB who ever lived. Rest well, Bunnie. I hope we’ll be together again.

“For those who never knew her, I’m sorry for your loss.”

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