The History of Snazaroo Paint

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Snazaroo is a British brand of the face and body paint that has become a popular choice for children’s parties, festivals, and other events. The history of Snazaroo dates back to the 1980s when a man named John Adams began experimenting with making his own face paint.

Adams was a chemist and former employee of Kodak, who had developed an interest in face painting as a way to entertain his children. He was dissatisfied with the face paints available on the market at the time, which he found to be messy, difficult to apply, and lacking in color quality.

Using his background in chemistry, Adams set out to develop a better face paint formula. After extensive research and experimentation, he developed a water-based formula that was easy to apply, quick-drying, and had vibrant, long-lasting colors. He named his new face paint “Snazaroo” after his wife’s nickname, “Snazzy”.

Adams began selling Snazaroo at local fairs and festivals, where it quickly became popular with parents and children. As demand grew, he began to expand his product range and distribution and eventually founded a company called Snazaroo Ltd. to manufacture and distribute his face paint.

Today, Snazaroo is one of the leading brands of face and body paint, with a wide range of colors and products that are popular for children’s parties, festivals, and theatrical productions. The company is known for its commitment to safety and quality, using only approved and non-toxic ingredients in its products.

In conclusion, Snazaroo paint has a fascinating history that started with a father’s desire to create a better face paint for his children. Today, the brand is known for its vibrant colors, ease of use, and commitment to safety and quality, and continues to be a popular choice for children’s parties and other events.


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