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Editor’s Picks

Sometimes, everyday products our editors use don’t make it into our in-depth, long-form comparative pieces in which we vigorously test similar products head-to-head. That’s where our Editors’ Picks come in — where we highlight everyday products we personally stand by and use on a daily basis, and think you should too.

Keeping any kind of New Year’s resolution past, say, Jan. 5 is a hard task for anyone. But sometimes we’re lucky enough to find products that make things like working out more, drinking more water and becoming a more organized person much easier in the new year. Ahead, our editors break down the items they’ll be using in 2023 to keep their own resolutions.

Is drinking more water everyone’s New Year’s resolution? Probably. I have bought a bunch of different water bottles over the years in an effort to stay hydrated, but I’ve now realized that I need a giant water bottle with a straw in order to reach my goals. I have seen this neutral-colored Stanley cup all over TikTok and finally pulled the plunge and bought it. I can’t wait for it to be delivered! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

I want to write more for fun this year. Instead of jumping into the deep end and committing to a full journal, I like the idea of writing just one line a day. I was gifted this notebook a couple of years ago and journaled for a few months and then broke the habit. Next year, I’m going to try to fill it out every day. Hey, it’s only one line, right? — Emily McNutt, senior travel editor

I’ve just started to realize how much more productive I can be when I write down my to-do lists. And these adorable cat pens are exactly the motivation I need to never forget to write something down again. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

I’m always telling myself that I need to drink less coffee, but this year, I’m actually going to. I have a high-quality milk frother, my favorite almond milk, a giant glass (if you don’t have a chic cup, WYD?) and now all I need is some really good matcha. Enter: Pique, which boasts 5 stars on Amazon and comes with 28 single-serving packs, so you’ll never over-pour. I can’t wait to try them! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

I deeply love ordering takeout, but in 2023, I’m making a real effort to cook more at home in order to both save money and eat healthier. I already have a full compliment of Our Place cookware in my kitchen, but for the new year, I’m adding the Cast-Iron Always Pan into the fold. Unlike the classic nonstick version, this Always Pan is oven-safe, and based on our review, it’s both attractive and easy to maintain. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

At the tail end of 2022 I started religiously using the Headspace meditation app as a way to help my anxiety, keep me calm, feel less like the world is falling apart around me and so on. It’s made an incredible difference in my daily life, and I look forward to using it even more in 2023. With daily visualizations and fantastic conversations with meditation experts, it’s truly my new favorite app. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

My new year’s resolution is to re-learn as much Japanese as I can. My mom is Japanese but never taught me and I even took two full years of the language in college, but after years of not practicing, whatever part of my brain could speak Japanese is gone or asleep. I’ve been looking into language learning apps and have settled on trying Duolingo to help me get back into it. With the addicting gamification of Duolingo (gotta keep that streak!) and my old textbooks, hopefully I can hold a conversation in Japanese in 2023. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

One of the main things I look forward to in the new year is the prospect of a pristine planner. I like to keep track of work and personal life with monthly and daily spreads (akin to bullet journaling, but with my own twist) in a blank notebook. I’ve tried a bunch in the past, but this year I’m going with the Stalogy Editor’s Series in sunny yellow. It’s got a flexible cover and soft dotted paper, plus the brand offers useful accessories like calendar stickers and more. — Caroline Curran, associate editor

One of my main goals for 2023 is to release more music, and my trusty Focusrite Scarlett Solo is the key tool that’s going to get me there. This popular USB interface allows me to easily connect my guitars and microphones to my computer while I’m using my favorite recording software, turning my humble bedroom setup into a full-blown home studio. The Scarlett Solo has gotten me through years and countless songs’ worth of recording, and I look forward to getting even more use out of it next year. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

As someone who obsesses over skin care, I know how bad it is to pick at blemishes — but sometimes I just can’t help it. In 2023, I want to curb the habit with the help of pimple patches. The hydrocolloid stickers not only absorb the gunk within the zits, they help protect them, too. While I’ve been a fan of Starface’s colorful patches for awhile, I think these clear dots from Welly will be a great invisible alternative for the daytime that will help keep my fingers away from active breakouts. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

A big resolution of mine is hair health and I have seen all over TikTok that when it comes to taking care of it, you must focus on your scalp first. It’s not the new year yet, but I couldn’t help but crack open the papaya scrub and serum from Ceremonia and I’m so happy I did. It not only smells incredible, but I can already feel the build-up lifting from past products. Here’s to better, stronger hair in 2023! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

My shopping habits are already sustainable, with at least 80% of my closet being secondhand. I’m making it a goal for 2023 that if I’m buying new, it must be made from recycled material or be sustainable in other ways. Saylor is a brand I love, and I recently found out it has a sustainable section featuring clothes made of recycled fabric. It’s a great step for an industry that is one of the world’s biggest polluters. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

Along the lines of drinking more water, another resolution I’m trying to stay on top of in the new year is keeping my skin dewy, glowy and, drum roll please, hydrated, especially during the cold winter months coming up. I naturally have super-dry skin, so I’m sure that this highly-rated Dr. Dennis Gross facial steamer will play a pivotal part in achieving this. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

Terrible name. Great product. My nails have always cracked and torn easily. And because I want to actually have nice nails for the first time in my life, I bought this lotion, which has already made an enormous difference in the strength of my nails, and even my cuticles and the color of my tips. Literally within about three days of messily slathering it onto my nails and hands, I feel like my goal of long, strong nails is possible. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

Going hand-in-hand with the Hard as Hoof will be this OPI nail strengthener, which I’ve been using for a few weeks now and cannot live without. You just paint on two coats on one day, and put one more coat on every other day for about a week. I’ve gone a month now with no breakage. It’s truly a fantastic (and yet still affordable) product. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

Another big goal of mine for 2023 is to perform live more often, and this Fender Malibu acoustic guitar I recently picked up is exactly what I need to do just that. Its gorgeous, compact body is perfect for traveling to shows, and its built-in electronics give me everything I need to plug in and play at just about any venue. As much as I love how nice this thing looks hanging on my wall, next year is all about taking it out on the road. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

Like most girls who grew up in the ‘90s, keeping a diary was part of my daily life. Sadly, I haven’t kept up on the tradition and am looking into jotting down life events more regularly to keep myself present (my therapist would be so proud). I think finding a journal specific to short notes, like this five-minute journal, will help me stick with this idea for longer than a week. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

In 2023, I’m extremely eager to get out of my tiny little city apartment and hit the slopes. Having not gone skiing for a minute, I was long overdue for a new ski ‘fit, which is why I picked up this bright red, insulated jacket and pant set. Designed with recycled fabrics, adjustable straps and water-resistant materials, this set is sure to take me from the mountains to my other favorite activity: après. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

I’m determined to get more sleep in 2023. I recently got this smart alarm clock, and it’s already made such a difference in my sleep quality. Controlled by an app, it lets you set a consistent routine — with help from customizable background sounds and light — from when you get into bed until you wake up. I truly relish the moment the calm ocean waves block out the noise of the street outside my window and lull me to sleep. Then, before I know it, the clock’s simulated sunrise and gentle alarm wake me — so much better than the anxiety-inducing chime of my phone alarm. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

My parents have been yelling at me my entire life for slouching — and it’s only gotten worse working at a laptop for nine hours a day. I’m trying to be more mindful of my posture in 2023 and will be grabbing an ergonomic laptop stand to help me out. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

Especially in the winter, I want to keep my skin moisturized and happy after a hot shower. This body oil not only feels great, but it also brings some luxury to my everyday routine. It sinks in relatively quickly (I wear a robe while it’s settling into my skin) and smells wonderful. The bottle dispenses the oil really nicely, too. It’s not cheap, but the quality means I’ll come back for more as soon as I need to replenish. — Caroline Curran, associate editor

After what I can already tell you will be a blitz of cheese, wine, chocolate and general crud that is most definitely not healthy, I am going to be ready to shed some pounds in 2023. And though I know it’s not exactly an original New Year’s resolution, I am glad I’ve got my handy Lululemon Studio to help me feel better about myself come January. Not only does the new Lululemon Studio companion app offer classes from eight new studio partners, like Rumble, Aarmy and Pure Barre, but I also get access to over 10,000 on-demand streaming classes from the Lululemon trainers. Sadly, they won’t stop me from pigging out over the holidays, but at least I know I’ll have someone to keep me in line when the gluttony is over. — Tobey Grumet, reviews editor

A new year is a great time to get organized — and it’s even easier to do when the storage bins are actually nice to look at! I have zero qualms about displaying this understated yet stylish wool storage bin from sustainable brand Graf Lantz in my apartment. I think I’ll place it in the corner and use it to hold home essentials like a small tabletop space heater in winter and my cat’s favorite toys (which are currently scattered all across my floor). — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

I’ve decided that 2023 is my year of better posture, and spending eight hours a day over nearly two years hunched over a laptop just isn’t cutting it anymore. Finally, I invested in a monitor that allows me to sit in a more comfortable position (I may or may not have been convinced by this article by our own Mike Andronico — I use my laptop as a second display now.) I’m not particularly concerned about tech spec; my only real requirement was that the monitor be white to match my home decor, and this Samsung one, which does happen to have some great features including Airplay 2 integration, fit the bill. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

Every year, my resolution is to read more. But somehow, I hardly find enough time to get through all the reading that’s on my list. So, I’m planning to help myself reach my reading goals with an Audible subscription. Not for every read, but for the occasion when I can’t find the time to pick up a book, this is the perfect solution. — Emily McNutt, senior travel editor

I picked up one of these journals last year, but quickly fell off of the habit. They’re made out of stone and have a carbon footprint 60% smaller than traditional journals, making them a great, eco-friendly alternative. I loved the feel of writing in this notebook and I’m looking forward to journaling every day in 2023. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

I feel like I say this every year but in 2023, I really want to get better at drinking more water. My boyfriend is helping me achieve this goal since he gifted me this Hydro Flask, in the clementine color I absolutely love, along with a lid that easily slides open for easy sipping. Already in the two weeks I’ve had it, I’ve noticed a huge difference in how much water I drink, and how cold this bottle remains even hours after I refill it. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

While I’m sure the tech-savvy editors on our team would not recommend this as a password manager (see: this entire article) I am the type of person who still writes out a to-do list every single day, and this book might actually help me keep my passwords safe. I like that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but I also love its utility. I plan to keep it in a safe/hidden spot and approach the new year without having to stress about my passwords! — Hayley Saltzman, former head of social

I love getting new shoes, but I’m always conflicted about the waste of throwing away old pairs. That’s why in 2023, I want to switch to Thousand Fell sneakers. They’re made from recycled materials and super stylish. Plus, once your sneakers are worn out, you can send them back to Thousand Fell for recycling and the brand will give you a $20 credit towards your next pair, meaning your shoes will never end up in landfill. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

This year, I’m focusing on re-decorating my bedroom. I’m not in love with my current room aesthetic and I want to maximize the space in my small NYC apartment. How? Well, according to one of my favorite interior designers, Carmeon Hamilton, the best way to maximize space is to utilize my vertical space. So my first step is replacing my wide dresser. I fell in love with this dresser from Amazon. The look and size are perfect for my apartment and the reviews secured my decision to make this purchase. I can’t wait for my dresser to arrive! — Sarai Thompson, social coordinator

I’ve set a goal to spend more time in nature this year — and have already booked a bike trip in March to ensure I stick to it! One item I know I’ll need: Bike shorts with a chamois, aka a padded butt to prevent soreness after spending hours in the saddle. I’m already eyeing this affordable pair from Amazon that also features pockets. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

I have taken a very (very) long workout hiatus during the pandemic, and in 2023, I feel like my overall goal is to move my body more. But on days when I don’t have the time to go to the gym or get outside and walk, I love to use my HigherDose infrared sauna blanket because it’s an instant sweat session, without having to lift a limb or take up a ton of my time. My goal this new year is to use it three to four times a week, because I always feel better (inside and out) afterwards. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

I already own several pairs of fleece and fur-lined Birkenstocks, but I’ve been sucked in by the resurgence of Ugg boots all over my TikTok. I plan to spend as much time being as comfortable as possible in the year ahead, and these super-cozy Ugg mini ankle boots will be the perfect indoor shoe for working from home. — Hayley Saltzman, former head of social

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get outside and run more (I instantly regret typing that but here we are)! So I figured a new pair (or two) of these colorful compression socks from Comrad might help motivate me to accomplish this goal in 2023. The thin mesh material is comfortable, and they’re also quick-drying, so they’ve got nothing on super-sweaty workouts! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

I already wear sunscreen on my face religiously, but now that I’m solidly in my 30s, it’s probably time to get serious about applying SPF daily to my neck, décolletage and the backs of my hands. I love the light texture of Supergoop!’s Play sunscreen — I just stocked up to make it as easy as possible to take my SPF dedication to the next level. — Hayley Saltzman, former head of social

A good, cute workout set really gets me in the mood to do pretty much anything besides sit on the couch. I especially love the Sculptflex line from Set Active because not only are the sets SO flattering, but the thin ribbed material feels like a second layer of skin. I love a breathable, matching bra and legging set, and I’m excited to rock this one during my workouts in 2023. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

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