20 New Podcasts to Add to Your Queue in 2023

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Sam Mullins, the breakout star of Chameleon: Wild Boys, brings listeners into the twisted world Dr. Ronald Dante, a prodigiously talented hypnotist (and not an actual doctor) whose mind-bending schemes spanned decades. Dante worked the smoke-filled nightclubs of 1960s Hollywood and rode the self-help craze of the 1980s and ‘90s, hypnotizing women out of their fortunes, taking out hits on his rivals, and opening up one of the biggest fake universities in history. Mullins tracks Dante through yacht clubs, prison cells, trailer parks and theme parks to uncover the unbelievable true story of the greatest con man you’ve never heard of. Coming Jan. 9 from Campside & Sony Music Entertainment.

And 6 more shows we don’t have art for yet…

It’s Giving Fashion

As award show season approaches and everyone is ready to walk the steps of the Met Gala, we bring you It’s Giving Fashion, a weekly chat series all about critiquing, shading, and obsessing over the latest trends in fashion, gossip, pop culture, social media, and more. Host (and actor, musician, model and RuPaul’s Drag Race winner) Shea Couleé will be joined by Tiger Lily as her on-mic companion, dissecting each week’s hottest fashion news. Premieres Jan. 26 from Somethin’ Else.

Cover Up: Ministry of Secrets

A missing person. A Cold War mystery. A story so secret the truth behind it has been hidden for a hundred years. At its heart, this show is about the wartime hero said to be the inspiration for James Bond, but that’s only the beginning. Over the course of eight episodes, Ministry of Secrets host Giles Milton will take listeners on a thrilling journey into the shadowy world of the British Royal Family, MI6, the CIA, and the KGB, exposing a trail of lies and cover ups at the heart of the British Establishment. Premiers Feb. 6 from Somethin’ Else and Sony Music Entertainment.


Plastic is everywhere: in our homes, in the products we buy, in the food we eat, in our oceans, in our soil, in the air we breathe, and even in our bodies. How on earth did we get here? And is this all as bad as it sounds? While plastic has made a lot of technological marvels possible, it has had a serious impact on the environment, killing wildlife, leaching harmful chemicals, and disrupting habitats. And the speed of plastic manufacturing–and discarding–has only increased. In Disposable, Emmy-winning journalist Gloria Riviera takes a look the story of one woman who took on a billion dollar plastics factory and won, and explores the big players behind Big Plastic, from lawmakers to corporations, to those who are holding them accountable. The world is at a turning point with its relationship to plastic. In this show, you’ll learn how you can join the fight. Launching Feb. 7 from Lemonada.

The Social Dose

Work, socializing, family dinners, and general adulting can really get in the way of the important everyday occurrences in the social media-verse. Are you missing out on scammers stories, caught catfishers, nightclub corpses, petty elephants, and the latest expose? The Social Dose, hosted by Michael Judson Berry and Paris Nicholson, is your destination for daily roundups of all the best news, gossip, insights, and beefs from your favorite (and not to savorite) social media platforms. Premiers Feb. 21 rom Somethin’ Else.

Silenced: Murder in Little Haiti

In this follow up project to Forgotten: Women of Juarez, Oz Woloshyn and award-winning investigative reporter Ana Arana take up a cold case that continues to haunt Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood in Silenced: Murder in Little Haiti. In the early 1990s, several radio journalists were murdered in short order. As one of the detectives in charge of the investigation said, “These men were killed for words they spoke on the airwaves. But the murders were never solved, leaving a wound in Haitian community that remains painful to this day. Part spy story and part noir thriller, this investigation touches on racism, corruption, drug trafficking, and involvement by U.S. intelligence agencies, among other heady stuff. Arana first reported on the crimes in the early 1990s and revisits here a story that has continued to haunt her. Launching in March from Kaleidoscope.

Just Say You’re Sorry

Texas Ranger James Holland is celebrated as the “serial killer whisperer,” and has solved dozens of cold case murders through the use of his legendary interrogation skills. He even convinced the notorious murderer Samuel Little to confess to the killing of dozens of women. But how far does this charismatic cop go to extract confessions? And has he put innocent people behind bars along the way? These questions kick off an investigation by journalist Maurice Chammah, as Just Say You’re Sorry explores the rot at the heart of the criminal justice system. Coming in March from Somethin’ Else.


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