15 of the Best Indie Games to Play on Your New PS5

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Screenshot: Giant Squid Studios

The PlayStation Store is flush with hundreds of awesome indie games featuring unique gameplay styles, imaginative art, and genre-pushing experimentation that provide a refreshing change from mainstream AAA releases. The problem is, with so many to choose from, finding one to play can be daunting. To help, we curated this list of 15 awesome indie games available on PlayStation 5 (and PS4) we think everyone should play, whether you recently received a new PS5, or you’ve had one for a while and are looking for something new to play.

We could’ve easily listed double or triple the number of games, but we whittled the picks down to just 15 for the sake of simplicity. Each game on our list is available through the PlayStation Store app or website, though you can also download each at no extra charge if you’re subscribed to PS Plus Extra ($15 per month) or PS Plus Premium ($18 per month). If you have additional suggestions we didn’t cover, be sure to drop them in a comment below.

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