Musk compared to Nazi propagandist, ‘dictator’ in series of inflammatory tweets gone viral

Leftist anger against new Twitter owner Elon Musk reached a fever pitch in recent days as the “Twitter Files” continue to rack up hundreds of thousands of likes on the platform. 

Defense attorney Marina Medvin collected some of the most over-the-top attacks on Musk in a Dec. 11 Tweet: “Guys… I don’t think they’re handling this @elonmusk thing well,” she wrote. 

An impeachment witness at former President Trump’s trial, Alexander Vindman, trended on Twitter Monday as multiple users shared his anti-Musk Twitter rant. In the process, he also misspelled the last name of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s chief propagandist. 

“.@Twitter is dying. That’s okay. If anything it needs to be killed off soonest. @elonmusk cannot be allowed to promoted dangerous radical views… hate speech. Imagine Geobbles with a bigger platform and wider reach,” Vindman tweeted.


Elon Musk started releasing the “Twitter Files” through independent journalists in December.
(Muhammed Selim Korkutata / Anadolu Agency)

Political commentator Ian Miles Cheong compiled Vindman’s tweets on Musk, asking if there was “a medical term for this level of derangement?” To which Musk responded with laughter, “Lmaooo.” 

Vindman’s other tweets included multiple declarations that “Twitter is dead” and hashtag variations of “#endmuskytwitter” and “stoptwitter” across 7 separate posts. He also wrote that “My pronoun is prosecute @elonmusk !” after Musk shared a viral tweet yesterday with 5 words: “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.” The tweet received over 1 million likes on Twitter, which is big, even by Musk standards. 

MSNBC tweeted an article by Zeeshan Aleem from its official account, saying, “It’s an emerging reality that Twitter is being run as a dictatorship. And like any dictator, Elon Musk appears sensitive about his power and arbitrary in his judgments.” The column alleged that Musk was “purging left-leaning Twitter accounts” and that he wasn’t actually “the champion of free speech” that he claims to be.


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Comedian Tim Young quipped back: “MSNBC just found out that owners of companies can determine how their company functions all by themselves.” 

CNN contributor John Dean petitioned his over 332,000 followers for help in dragging Musk into court. “I am looking for a lawyer/law firm that will file a class action against Musk. For many of us who were here long before he arrived he has ruined Twitter in too many ways to explain in a tweet!”

Former state Rep. Charles Booker, D-Ky., put together a one sentence swipe at Musk, writing, “My pronouns are he/him, and Elon Musk is inciting violence.”

Musk has clearly ruffled some feathers across the country. Most recently, he picked up a mix of cheers and booes when he appeared on stage alongside comedian Dave Chappelle. 

Netflix released a new comedy special with Dave Chappelle on Friday. The comedian performs at Radio City Music Hall on June 19, 2014 in New York City.

Netflix released a new comedy special with Dave Chappelle on Friday. The comedian performs at Radio City Music Hall on June 19, 2014 in New York City.
(Photo by Mike Coppola)


Chappelle, who has similarly come under fire from the left for jokes he made about the transgender community, joked that some of the people Musk “fired” were in the audience booing after he introduced the Twitter CEO as the “richest man in the world.” 

“You weren’t expecting this, were you?” Musk said to Chappelle. 

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