Marjorie Taylor Greene Schools The World On What Makes A ‘Real Insurrection’

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This time, she managed to quote Jack Nicholson in the process.

The controversial congresswoman caused a firestorm when she made her comments at the New York Young Republican Club in Manhattan on Saturday. Her remarks even drew criticism from the White House.

Greene later claimed her comments were “sarcasm,” and continued to insist it was all a joke while speaking to Steve Bannon for his daily podcast on Tuesday.

Bannon played a recording of Greene’s original remarks. “It’s a joke!” Greene again declared.

She then used the occasion to split some hairs, claiming that what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, wasn’t “a real insurrection.”

“Here’s the joke, Steve,” she said. “The joke is this ― that the Democrats and the media have attacked us over and over, blamed you, blamed me, blamed everybody, blamed Trump, calling it an insurrection. But the reality is, it wasn’t an insurrection. People were not armed.”

Greene made her case for why it wasn’t an insurrection insurrection, in the process paraphrasing Nathan Jessup, Nicholson’s character from the 1992 legal drama “A Few Good Men.”

“If it had been a real insurrection, everyone would have been armed. And I was joking up there, and then the White House and the media, they lose their mind,” she said. “You want to know why? They can’t handle the truth. Because the truth about Jan. 6, the fact that all those Second Amendment supporters, all those gun owners were not armed!”

A 2021 NPR article noted that various people involved in the Capitol riot are in fact alleged to have carried weapons, including stun guns, collapsible batons and, in at least three cases, firearms.

You can hear Greene’s comments below:

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