Nantucket first in Massachusetts to OK topless beaches

NANTUCKET, Mass. – For anyone who enjoys the free ebb and flow of ocean air and currents over their bare skin, the coast is now clear for people of all genders to legally go topless on Nantucket beaches.

Seven months after Nantucket voters approved a bylaw amendment specifically to allow all people – including women – freely to eschew torso coverings while spending time on the island’s beaches, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has given the change her seal of approval. Her endorsement was required before the so-called “Gender Equity on Beaches” amendment could become Nantucket law.

Nantucket is the first town in Massachusetts specifically to address this issue in its bylaws, giving beachgoers a blanket green light to go topless on all of its beaches if they choose. On other beaches in the Cape Cod and Islands region, there are sections where nude sunbathing is informally accepted. There are also beaches where it is specifically stated in the beach rules that nude sunbathing is not allowed, or that it is allowed only beyond the first 1,500 feet of the beach entrance, as is the case with Lucy Vincent Beach on Martha’s Vineyard.

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