Trump Organization Guilty Verdict Inspires Twitters Users To New Heights Of Snark

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Tuesday’s verdict against the Trump Organization was bad news for former President Donald Trump, his family members and employees.

On the bright side, it seemed to inspire some Twitter users to new heights of “schadenfreude,” that very apt German word that basically means “finding joy in others misfortunes.”

After a jury found Trump’s company guilty of tax fraud and other crimes, people following the case expressed on social media the joy of the American ideal that no one is above the law.

In the process, #TrumpCrimeFamily became a trending term.

A sampling of snark follows.

One man wondered if foreclosures are in the future for the Trump Organization and offered suggestions.

One guy addressed Donald Trump Jr. directly after the former president’s first son, who, for some reason, decided to tweet about the conviction of Michael Avenetti, Stormy Daniels’ former attorney, rather than his own company’s devastating loss in court.

Another pointed out that QAnon crazies have already created a conspiracy theory about the verdict.

Finally, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who was very familiar with how the Trump Organization did business, praised the jury for making what he though was the right decision.


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