Even Right-Wingers Think Elon Musk’s Hunter Biden Reveal Is A Nothingburger

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Elon Musk’s tease concerning a massive reveal about Hunter Biden, his infamous laptop and Twitter “suppression” flopped big time Friday, even with right-wingers who were supposed to swoon over the information.

“So far I’m deeply underwhelmed,” tweeted right-wing radio host Seb Gorka, who served in the Trump administration. “We know the Dems in DC collude with the Dems in Palo Alto. Big Whop [whoop],” he added.

Gorka said he was hoping for a “string of felonies” to be bared. But that didn’t happen, he noted, after journalist Matt Taibbi released a lengthy Twitter thread detailing Musk’s touted findings.

One prominent right-winger blown away by the information was Donald Trump, who found the Twitter files leak so damning that he called for terminating articles of the Constitution so that he could be reinstated as president or for an election re-do.

But nearly everyone else seemed unimpressed.

“Twitter files [are] underwhelming so far,” right-wing Free Beacon reporter Joe Simonson tweeted. Twitter was “staffed by Democrats” who acted like Democrats, he said.

Musk hyped the release Friday by Taibbi of exchanges among Twitter executives which he now has access to revealing a debate about how to handle tweets concerning a discovered laptop with information about business activities belonging to Joe Biden’s son. Twitter eventually restricted comments in part because of fears the politically charged issue would involve tweets rife with disinformation, the communications reveal.

Critics have blasted the move as a violation of the First Amendment, which is not a factor in business decisions.

Gorka had to school his own Twitter followers about Constitutional issues: “Err no, it’s not the DNC asking a private company to censor … has nothing to do with the First Amendment.’”

A columnist on the right-wing network Bulwark mocked those mistakenly upset about denied First Amendment rights.

“No you do not have a constitutional right to post Hunter Biden’s dick pick on Twitter,” headlined a story by Tim Miller. Some Twitter posts about Hunter Biden that Joe Biden’s campaign asked to remove reportedly linked to shots of him in the buff.

The Taibbi information mostly regurgitates what was already known, Miller noted: That Twitter “throttled the New York Post’s initial story about Hunter’s laptop based on what we now know was an incorrect assessment of its source.” It also underscored business as usual when political campaigns and government “work with social media companies — in this case Twitter — to flag troubling content,” he said.

Hunter Biden has been repeatedly blistered by Republicans for serving on the board of energy company Burisma in Ukraine while his father was vice president and working to clean up corruption in the nation.

There was nothing illegal in such a job, though some consider it to be unethical to profit from a relative’s position of power in the federal government.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who both served as advisers in the Trump administration despite a lack of any political experience, have profited from their connections.

For example, the Saudi Public Investment Fund poured a massive $2 billion into a $2.5 billion fund set up by Kushner, who had no experience running such an operation. The Saudi investment was made just six months after Kushner left the White House, where he spent years nurturing a cozy American relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Kushner helped negotiate a hugely controversial agreement for Saudi Arabia to buy billions of dollars worth of American weapons while the nation was bombing civilians in Yemen. And Trump became a key defender of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who American intelligence determined was responsible for the horrifying dismemberment murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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