Ohio couple delivers discarded FedEx packages ahead of the holidays

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Ahead of the holidays, a couple in Ohio followed in Santa’s footsteps and delivered packages they saw discarded off the side of a road. 

Zachary Arnwine, a 24-year-old steelworker at Cleveland-Cliffs, told USA TODAY he and his fiancée Tristen Raisch, a 20-year-old stay-at-home mom, were driving to their home in Franklin, Ohio, from Raisch’s father’s house on Nov. 25, when they saw a FedEx driver who “looked like he was throwing trash.”  

“When we turned around, the FedEx man was already gone. And we pulled out to where he was, and we looked over the side of the guardrail, and there was like maybe 5 to 7 packages laying there. And we decided to pick them up, bring them to our car, and we started calling phone numbers to deliver them,” Arnwine said.  

The couple said they drove around for more than two hours, calling the recipients and bringing them their packages. Arnwine added that people were “surprised” and “pretty much amazed,” when they received the parcels.  

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Arnwine and Raisch, who are expecting a daughter in January, added that they didn’t want the parcels to linger as lost mail, especially ahead of the holiday season. 

“We really didn’t think about it. We just did it. And obviously it’s (the) holidays, and it’s hard. Times are hard now. We’re struggling. Everybody’s struggling,” Arnwine said. 

Royce Charbeneau told WKRC he received a package from Arnwine and Raisch that he ordered. He told the outlet he didn’t believe Arnwine at first, after the 24-year-old told him that he collected a package for him.  

“After I met Zach and talked to him in person, I believed it. I called FedEx to try to get a straight answer. They said there were two packages delivered. Zach could only find one of them,” he told the outlet. 

FedEx in a statement to USA TODAY said the delivery driver’s “reported behavior is contrary to our commitment to treating millions of customers’ packages each day with the utmost care.” 

“We are reviewing this matter and will take the appropriate action,” FedEx said in the statement.  

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