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If you’re overwhelmed by the sea of artificial Christmas tree options on the market, fear not — we’re here to help.

According to Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design at The Home Depot, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping artificial. First up: “Choose a tree whose top falls at least 6 inches below your ceiling,” she says, adding, “Make sure you measure the width of your room for the best fit. Even if you’ve got enough height to display your tree and topper, the wrong width will make placement and decorating inconvenient.”

Regardless of their aesthetic, the best part of fake Christmas trees is that most come pre-lit, are incredibly easy to assemble and — oh, right — they don’t need watering! Below we’ve rounded up the best faux trees to buy right now, from towering to tiny tabletop options.

A Home Depot bestseller, this Jackson Noble Fir look-alike comes in three sizes (7.5, 9 and 12 feet tall) and is chock-full of tips and lights (more than 4,000 tips and 1,200 lights alone for the 7.5-footer!). Featuring quick-setup technology, the tree comes in three pieces that easily attach in minutes, and it comes with a remote and an on/off foot pedal that can control the eight light settings, which include all-white and color options.

Sand & Stable Green Artificial Spruce Christmas Tree With Lights

Sand & Stable Green Artificial Spruce Christmas Tree with Lights

Meet Wayfair’s top-selling tree of 2020! Boasting more than 7,600 positive reviews and a 4.6-star rating, this tree comes in six heights — from 4.5- to 9-feet tall — and is a fan favorite for its easy assembly (it’s broken into two or three sections depending on the size) and its lifelike appearance. And let’s not forget that great price.

Grandin Road Classic Slim Christmas Tree

From $263.20 at Grandin Road

Grandin Road Designer Lit Tree

Available in 7.5- and 9-foot heights, the Grandin Road beauty is slim in size — its ranges from 43 to 52 inches in diameter — making it the perfect tree for a tight space. We love that it’s swathed in thousands (literally!) of lights too.

National Christmas Tree Company 4-Foot Pre-Lit Kincaid Spruce

If you’re looking for a bargain, this 4-foot tree comes pre-lit with white lights and a stand. Set up in minutes — all you need are a ton of gorgeous ornaments, and Target’s got lots of those.

Steelside Isenhour Green Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

A top seller for Wayfair, this pre-lit pine replica has more than 2,700 positive reviews, not to mention a 4.7-star rating. Available in three heights, the abundant tree comes in three sections, has thick, natural-looking branches and is flocked with 70 pine cones. According to one reviewer, “This tree is everything I was hoping for and more. The look is elegant but natural.”

More to know: A matching 9-foot garland is also available.

National Tree Company 6.5-Foot Feel Real Jersey Fraser Slim Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Not quite a super-slim tree (those typically come in around 30 to 40 inches in diameter) but also not a full-bodied tree (which hover around 60-plus inches), this Jersey Fraser fir artificial clone is juuuust right when it comes to width. Available in two heights, the pre-strung tree has an abundance of branch tips (1,650 and 2,468, to be exact), and we can attest that it’s super easy to put together IRL. Perfect for small spaces that can handle the height but not a huge footprint, this tree is your solution.

Frontgate Starry Night Microlight Slim Profile Tree

We know, we know, there’s going to be some sticker shock here. But like all things from Frontgate, this tree is pure luxury. The cream of the artificial crop, the Fraser fir is not only realistic in its appearance, but it’s also gorgeous, thanks to an abundance of lights — 4,300 LEDS on the 7.5-foot size alone! — and the fact that it’s incredibly easy to assemble and store when the holidays are over.

Beachcrest Home Dunhill Fir 10-Foot Green Fir Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

Not all artificial trees are created equally, and we can attest that this one from The Holiday Aisle stands above the crowd…literally! At 10 feet tall, the lifelike green fir boasts more than 5,000 branch tips, resulting in a super-lush and authentic appearance in real life.

The Dunhill arrives in four sections and is easily assembled; the longest part of the process is fluffing the branches, given the tree’s towering height. We love how the lights are evenly dispersed from the tips to the interior trunk, and that replacement bulbs are included. More to know: If one bulb burns out, the rest of the strand stays on.

Valley Fir LED Lit Faux Christmas Tree

This gorgeous option from Balsam Hill is an incredibly realistic standout because it’s modeled after real firs from Maine, with “true needles” that mimic the color and texture of real evergreen trees. Pre-lit with either clear or clear and multicolored lights (we love to see the optionality!), the Valley Fir comes in 6.5-, 7.5- and 9-foot sizes, each of which is well worth the purchase. We had the chance to see one in real life and trust us when we say she’s a beaut.

Grandin Road Woodside Christmas Tree

Grandin Road Woodside Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for a big ol’ tree for your family to gather round this year, this is it. From Grandin Road’s holiday collection, the Woodside is a classic evergreen option, chock-full of thousands of branch tips (4,868 for the 7.5-footer, and 8,248 for the 9-footer!), resulting in a tree that is both extra large and super realistic in appearance.

We tested it out IRL and can confirm the quick-connect pole system makes setup a breeze and that it’s incredibly dense and lush — the perfect main tree for any home with the space to accommodate its grander footprint.

Greyleigh Nordic Spruce Green Artificial Christmas Tree

Full and gorgeous, this artificial spruce will have your guests fooled that it’s actually the real thing. Featuring more than 3,700 branch tips for the 7.5-footer and 5,000 for the nine-footer, the Nordic spruce from Wayfair brand Greyleigh will make a splash, whether you have it making a statement in your front entryway or commanding the corner of your family room. More than 800 positive reviews and a 4.8-star rating confirm this is worth the investment — as did our reviewer who tested it IRL and said that, once fluffed, the tree was “magical” and that “it’s nearly impossible to tell that it’s faux!”

“I fully expected to be disappointed with some aspect of it, but when it arrived it was just as beautiful in person,” one reviewer Wayfair attests, adding, “[The] tree is nice and full and holds up all of my heavy ornaments.”

Fraser Hill Farm Foxtail Pine Christmas Tree

Fraser Hill Farm Foxtail Pine Christmas Tree, Various Sizing and Lighting Options

If a truly lifelike faux tree is a must for you, then head straight to Fraser Hill Farm, which has loads of options — our favorite of which is this Foxtail Pine that has a lovely, natural silhouette, and extended branch lengths that make for easy ornament hanging. Available in a variety of sizes and lighting configurations, the tree’s PVC needles are both flame-retardant and nonallergenic. Done and done!

Balsam Hill BH Balsam Fir Premium 6.5-Foot Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill’s artificial trees are leaders when it comes to ultrarealistic artificial options. In addition to their aforementioned “true needles,” the trees also have upward-sloping branches and a teardrop shape that will have everyone asking, “Is that real? Or is it fake?”

Frontgate Noble Fir Full-Profile Tree

All of Frontgate’s faux trees are impressively realistic, this noble fir included. Plump and dense, the tree comes in three sizes, each one bursting with branch tips and warm white LED lights that last for 10,000 hours. Including a remote and a steel-coated tree stand, the tree comes in multiple sections, each one labeled for easy assembly.

One happy customer has this to say: “It is stunning and stands so majestically. The needles do not look artificial, and the lights are positioned perfectly. We could not be happier with this purchase.”

Freshly Fallen Snowcrest Slim Profile Tree

Flocked trees are having a moment, and no one is doing the aesthetic better than Frontgate. Boasting a “fresh dusting” of snow on all of its 1,600-plus tree tips, this slim tree is available in 7.5-, 9- and 10-foot heights, and features an equally hefty amount of lights — ensuring your sparkling tree can and will be seen through windows by passersby. Our reviewer loved the pre-labeled sections that made assembly a breeze, and the ultra-strong steel gauge wiring in the tree tips that can easily support even the biggest of ornaments. More to know: The included powder-coated steel tree stand is incredibly sturdy.

Home Accents Holiday Sparkling Amelia Pine LED Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Home Depot is a holiday HQ for most people, and this is the flocked tree the brand’s loyal shoppers are flocking to — pun intended! — this season. With nearly 800 positive reviews, this gorgeous tree is available in four heights (7, 7.5, 9 and 12 feet tall) and features not only a hefty dose of faux snow but also a slew of cute pine cones! More to know: The tree sets up quickly, thanks to its sections, and the on/off foot pedal makes for easy managing all season long.

Birch Lane Sierra 7.5-Foot White Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Let us count the ways we love this pretty tree! Lightly flocked to look as if it has been freshly dusted with snow, the artificial white spruce contains more than 2,800 branch tips and 750 clear lights, making for one heck of an elegant tree. With 249 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, it’s a favorite among Birch Lane customers too.

Grandin Road Aspen Pine Flocked Tree

From $439.20 at Grandin Road

Grandin Road Aspen Pine Flocked Tree

Another gorgeous flocked option, this tree from Grandin Road is a beautiful Aspen pine replica that looks incredibly lifelike in person. Dense and full of upward-sweeping branches and more than 3,000 tips (4,000 if you spring for the 9-footer!), the tree is an elegant-as-can-be option for any home this winter.

Best Choice Products 9-Foot Snow Flocked Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

More proof the flocked trend is en fuego this year? One of Amazon’s top-selling trees is just that — perfectly peppered with faux snow! With more than 6,200 positive reviews and a 4.7-star rating, the flocked pine is a perennial favorite due to its full appearance and because it’s just so easy to assemble — simply attach the three pieces, fluff the branches and you’re good to go. Available in three heights (7, 7.5 and 9 feet tall), we’re homing in on the 7.5-footer mainly because of its under-$300 price tag. Now that’s a smokin’ deal, folks.

Artificial Christmas trees with stands

Wondershop 6-Foot Alberta Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

A Target bestseller, this artificial Alberta spruce from Wondershop has more than 3,700 positive reviews and is ultra lightweight, coming in at just 10 pounds. Constructed of plastic, the tree is perfect for outdoor areas but would be equally at home in your living space. Our favorite detail, however, is the price — 60 bucks is a steal for a tree this big!

Home Accent Holidays 12-Foot Wesley Long Needle Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

If you’ve got soaring ceilings in your home — well, first off, we’re jealous. But secondly, you need a giant tree to show off just how vaulted your space is. And we’ve got just the tree to do it. Coming in at 12 feet tall, this spectacular faux pine from Home Depot is traditional in design, featuring more than 4,000 branch tips, a robust shape and 1,100 warm white LED lights. More than 2,700 shoppers have given the tree, which comes with a folding metal stand, a 4.6-star rating.

National Tree Company North Valley Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

No surprise here: National Tree Company makes a solid artificial tree. More than 2,800 Amazon reviewers have given the North Valley spruce, which comes in a whopping seven heights, a positive review, with many adding that once “fluffed” the tree looks incredibly real. Pre-strung with white lights and featuring hinged branch construction, it also comes with a sturdy metal stand.

Goplus Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

An affordable unlit option, this Goplus pine is indoor- and outdoor-friendly and comes with a sturdy, four-pronged metal stand. With more than 5,400 positive reviews, it’s Amazon’s No. 1 bestseller in Christmas trees — and we have to say, the price can’t be beat.

Lighted Artificial Fir Christmas Tree

If an all-white winter wonderland is more your taste, check out this fir tree from Birch Lane. Available in four different sizes, this tree quickly breaks up into three separate pieces for easy storage during the off-season.

Balsam Hill BH Fraser Fir Tree

This Balsam Hill tree is a crowd-pleaser on all fronts: realistic-looking, easy to assemble and available in sizes to suit any space. Plus, it comes with a foot pedal so you can adjust the lights on your tree without even lifting a finger.

Lightkeeper Pro

We know, we know, this isn’t a tree — and this story is all about trees! — but listen, this is the holiday product everyone needs to know about this year. Dubbed the Lightkeeper Pro, this handy, gun-shaped tool instantly repairs broken incandescent and LED light sets with a pull of the trigger. How? The tool shoots a pulse through the light set, finds the bad bulb and then somehow mini-welds and activates the shunt — which results in a fully working set of lights! With more than 6,000 positive Amazon reviews and a sub-$30 price tag, this is a holiday no-brainer. If you deal mostly with LED lights these days, you’ll want to pick up this version.

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