Cher jokes her relationship with much-younger boyfriend is ‘ridiculous,’ reveals why she won’t date older men

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Cher opened up about her new boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, and explained why she doesn’t date older men.

Cher, 76, and Edwards, 36, debuted their relationship in November. Since then, the two have been spotted holding hands on multiple occasions, and Cher has gushed about him on her personal Twitter.

The “If I Could Turn Back Time” singer labeled the relationship as “kind of ridiculous” during an appearance on Friday’s episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

“On paper, it’s kind of ridiculous,” she joked. “But in real life, we get along great.”


She clarified: “He’s fabulous, and I don’t give men qualities that they don’t deserve. He’s very kind. He’s very smart. He’s very talented, and he’s really funny. And I think he’s quite handsome.”

“I just like somebody to make me laugh,” Clarkson agreed.

The former “American Idol” star went on to ask Cher whether it’s true that older men are “intimidated” by her.

“If I hadn’t met younger men in my life, I would have never had a date, because older men just didn’t like me all that much,” she told Clarkson. “Do you know what I mean?”

“I’ve had a couple boyfriends who were hovering around my age, but they just didn’t like me for some reason. Younger men don’t care if you’re, you know, funny or outrageous and want to do stupid things and you have a strong personality.

“I’m not giving up my personality for anybody.”

Cher and Alexander “AE” Edwards are seen on Nov. 2 in Los Angeles.
(Photo by joce zerojack/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images)


Cher has responded to criticism over her relationship with the much-younger Edwards.

“I’m Not Defending us. Haters are Gonna Hate…Doesn’t [sic] Matter That we’re Happy & Not Bothering Anyone,” Cher previously wrote on Twitter.

Before their relationship, Edwards was dating model Amber Rose. The two share a three-year-old son together.

Before his relationship with Cher, Alexander "AE" Edwards was in a relationship with model Amber Rose.

Before his relationship with Cher, Alexander “AE” Edwards was in a relationship with model Amber Rose.
(Photo by BG002/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images via Getty Images)

Rose claimed that Edwards had cheated on her with 12 women during their relationship. The music exec confirmed the news during an Instagram Live in August 2021.

‘S—, I got caught’,” he said in response to Amber’s claims. “I got caught before, you know? And she’s had enough, obviously. I love her, though. That’s like, my best friend, the mother of my son. I love my stepson, too, but . . . I like women.”

“It’s just who I am, and it’s not how she wants to be loved,” he added.

Cher has a long list of famous ex lovers, including Val Kilmer. The actress opened up about how she “still loves” Kilmer, in an essay published last year.

“He’s like nobody I’ve ever known,” she wrote for People magazine. “He is exasperating and hysterical. Thrilling and funny, and doesn’t do what anyone else does. I don’t know how we stayed friends, we just did. We didn’t try. We just were.”

Cher and Val Kilmer attend Bette Midler's video party in 1984.

Cher and Val Kilmer attend Bette Midler’s video party in 1984.
(Photo by Barry King/WireImage via Getty Images)


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