People should ‘pass a test’ to prove they’re ‘income-worthy of having kids, Dr. Phil guest argues

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Dr. Phil hosted a heated debate on overpopulation Tuesday with one guest declaring that “poor people” should not be allowed to reproduce.

The talk show host introduced YouTube content creator and youth mentor Anton Daniels by showing clips of him explaining his views on procreation.

“I don’t believe that poor people should be having children. Having children when you don’t have money creates more problems for the kids and society at large, and let’s be honest – it’s the middle class and more importantly rich people that are now responsible for paying for poor people’s children,” he said in the video footage.

“I know it’s an unpopular truth, but I believe that every person should pass a test proving that they’re income-worthy prior to having kids,” he added.

Content creator Anton Daniels suggested that poor people who reproduce when they cannot afford to support children are a burden on society.
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In front of the live audience, Daniels said, “It is important to acknowledge that the people that have the majority of the kids are the ones that shouldn’t be having kids, and then that becomes a burden on the people that actually have resources.” He claimed that the redistribution of these resources leads to America becoming a “Socialist society.”

Later in the show, as panelists debated over whether some forms of long term birth control, such as a copper IUD, could help people control their reproduction more responsibly, Daniels suggested that those exact kinds of people would be too irresponsible to care in the first place.

“Have you ever walked in a grocery store and seen a lady with a bonnet on her head with eight kids walking behind her? You think that she’s being responsible? You think that she’s really taking into consideration what she’s supposed to do responsibly?” he asked. “You think she’s not on Section 8 housing? You don’t think that we’re paying for her to house her kids, who’s probably going to grow up and steal the wheels off my car?”

He said that the aforementioned people then end up using costly resources “whether it be the prisons that we built for them, or the social services that we have to create for them, and they do not become more educated and do things differently, they breed more, that’s what happens.”

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After a woman who grew up in a Russian orphanage tearfully objected to his rhetoric, Daniels spoke to her directly about how he grew up in “inner city” Detroit across the street from a “crack house” and has seen the horrors of poverty firsthand. 

“All I see right now is the ‘Victim Olympics,’ I don’t feel sorry for you. I don’t feel sorry for anybody, and you know why I don’t feel sorry is because I see this every single day in the communities that I serve,” he said.

Dr. Phil also responded, quipping that his own family was so poor, “that we couldn’t pay attention – and I didn’t wind up a criminal, I didn’t wind up being on the government rolls. You can’t just sweep people away all with one fell swoop and just say ‘because you are not privileged as a child, or your parents weren’t privileged that that means you shouldn’t exist.’”

Dr. Phil McGraw has taken on some of America's most controversial topics and brought in experts and public figures to debate them.

Dr. Phil McGraw has taken on some of America’s most controversial topics and brought in experts and public figures to debate them.


Daniels answered, “You are an anomaly,” later adding, “the majority of the people that grow up like you described, they end up in a bad situation.”

“Then we need to do something to put them on a different track,” Dr. Phil replied.

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