Don’t Fall for These 8 Modern Thanksgiving Lies

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People on Facebook posting a recipe for “popcorn stuffing” reminded me of the following true story: When I was 16, I attended Thanksgiving at my religious aunt and uncle’s house. They’d also invited an ancient Irish nun. As a budding reprobate and dirtbag, I was uncomfortable in the presence of a fully-habited representation of Catholicism.

Before dinner, Sister Mary Katherine cornered me in the den and said, “Excuse me, son, do you know if they put popcorn in the stuffing?”

I said, “I’m not sure, sister, but why would they do that?”

She paused and then replied, “Because that way, when it’s finished, it’ll pop its ass off!” Then she clapped me on the back and guffawed loud and long. It was the funniest joke I’d ever heard. (After dinner, we snuck outside and smoked cigarettes and she told me she didn’t believed in God anymore but didn’t regret becoming a nun because of the good work she had done.)

Anyway, it was a joke when that nun said it, and it’s a joke now. Snopes did the research, and the corn wouldn’t pop even if you were dumb enough to add it to your stuffing. This dude actually tried it!

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