This Site Gives Away New PC Games Every Week

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Are you a PC gamer? Do you like free games? You need to know about the Epic Games Store, which releases a new PC game (sometimes more than one) every week for you to download completely free.

Perhaps this isn’t news to you—the gaming website has been doing this consistently since it launched back in 2018, after all. But it’s definitely worth reiterating: Over the years, the site has given away an amazing assortment of games, from lesser-known indie titles, to former bestsellers, to new releases. Consider it added (perhaps atop) our list of sites to follow to score cheap and free games. Here’s how it works (spoiler: quite simply).

How to get the free PC games from Epic Games Store

First, open a free account on the Epic Game Store. Every week, usually on Thursdays, the site will release a game or two for you to download and keep for free. No strings attached.

To download, simply go to their free games section to check what games are currently on offer, and to see what games will be free the following week. You’ll only be able to download the games during that one-week window, so grab them right away even if you don’t plan to play them right away. Apart from the limited weekly offerings, the store hosts an entire library of free games available for download.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple, direct way to subscribe to a newsletter or email alert notifying you when a new game drops. You’ll have to check the website periodically or follow their social media accounts to stay in the loop.

What is Epic Games anyway?

You’ve probably heard of the game Fortnite, the online action game/battle royale/multimedia franchise. Well, Epic Games developed Fortnite and released it for free on their platform, revolutionizing the industry in the process, proving giving games away for free can be a business model of its own, as the game has become a cultural phenomenon, winning awards and attracting over 350 million players around the world

What games has Epic released for free?

Epic Games has released a respectable library of free games over the years. Notable mentions include NBA 2k21 in 2021 and Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2020. Apart from the weekly free games, Epic Games have also released titles like Wolfstein and multiple games from the Borderline franchise in a special free “Mystery Game” events, wherein they teased and released a game for a limited time throughout the year. Check out the complete list of free weekly games from 2021 and 2022 and the list for the free mystery games so far.


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