November 13, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news

Residents use their mobile phones near a Starlink satellite-based broadband station in Kherson, Ukraine, on November 13. (AFP/Getty Images)

The head of the regional military administration in the Kherson region shared an update on the state of liberated villages Sunday, including rules imposed under martial law and the restoration of key services.

Despite the return of Ukrainian control, residents should stay out of recently liberated areas for risk of Russian attacks, the official, Yaroslav Yanushevich, wrote in a Telegram post Sunday. 

“There remains a high probability of enemy shelling on the right (west) bank of Dnipro River in Kherson region. The Russian army, when fleeing, starts fighting with civilians out of hopelessness. We have repeatedly seen this in many liberated settlements,” he warned. 

But Ukrainian leaders say they have successfully reintroduced some essential services in the region.

“It has already been possible to restore the supply of natural gas to more than 300 residents of the liberated settlements of the Kherson region,” Yanushevich wrote.

He also said that mobile connection has been restored in the city of Kherson. 

“LTE from Kyivstar (the Ukrainian mobile operator) is already working in the city center on the square near the Regional State Administration,” he said. 

A CNN team saw one communication tower in Kherson city Sunday.

Yanushevich reported that during the Russian occupation of the city of Kherson, most pharmacies stopped working. He assured that “the pharmacies will resume work after demining of the territories.” 

The region remains under martial law, the official said. Ukrainian authorities have banned water transportation in the region through Nov. 19, saying it’s for the protection of residents.

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