The man who hit Ted Cruz with a can of White Claw implied he wanted the senator to catch the beverage and chug it

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) gives a speech to Republican supporters during a rally outside the offices of Mark Alford, Republican Candidate for Missouri’s 4th Congressional District on October 14, 2022 in Raymore, Missouri.Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

  • The man who threw a White Claw at Sen. Ted Cruz said he wanted the politician to chug it.

  • Cruz’s security detail was filmed reacting to the throwing incident after he was struck by the can.

  • The can-thrower said he was keeping with a Houston Astros tradition of tossing beers to athletes.

The man who hurled a can of White Claw at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said he was trying to toss a drink to the senator, and implied that he wanted the politician to chug the drink.

On Thursday, Joey Arcidiacono’s lawyer issued a statement explaining that Arcidiacono didn’t intend to launch a political attack on Cruz.

“Instead, this was an Astros fan trying to toss drinks from his cooler to the Senator during a championship parade and not realizing how it would be perceived until he saw security’s reaction,” the statement said.

The statement said Astros athletes would often chug beers that their fans throw to them. “Fans throw cans to people in championship parades all the time. That is a widely known thing. To get them to chug,” it read.

“That was stupid, good fun. This ended up not as fun,” the statement also said.

The night before the parade, Arcidiacono texted a friend that his “dream would be to throw one of the players a beer,” per the statement.

Arcidiacono apologized to Cruz, his family, and his security detail, asking the senator “for grace” and to decline charges against him.

The statement ended with: “GO ASTROS, CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD!”

Cruz was filmed being hit by the beverage while he attended an Astros victory parade on Monday. Police said Cruz was struck by a beer can, but the senator later said the beverage was a White Claw seltzer.

A video of the incident appears to show Cruz being booed by people before the drink was thrown.

Cruz told Insider’s Lauren Frias in a statement that he was thankful the man who threw the beverage had a “noodle for an arm.”

A spokesperson for Cruz and Arcidiacono’s lawyer did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.

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