Trevor Noah Brutally Nails Why Oprah Winfrey Had To Turn On Dr. Oz

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Trevor Noah on Monday said Oprah Winfrey was compelled to endorse Democrat John Fetterman over her former protege, Republican Mehmet Oz, in the Pennsylvania Senate race because of historical precedent. Well, at least in the movies. (Watch the video below.)

“That’s always how it goes, people, at some point in life you have to kill the monster you create,” “The Daily Show” host explained. “Dr. Frankenstein and his creature. Obi-Wan and Anakin. Parents and their kids.”

Winfrey announced she was siding with Fetterman last week. “If I lived in Pennsylvania, I would’ve already cast my vote for John Fetterman, for many reasons,” she said.

Given that Winfrey is a longtime friend of Oz, the celebrity doctor she helped make famous on her talk show and his “Dr. Oz Show,” Noah said the endorsement must have broken Oz’s heart.

“Luckily he has the perfect cure for that,” Noah said, holding up a bottle. “Dr. Oz’s Dietary Supplement. … Get it now before the FDA outlaws it again.”

Noah, who was jabbing at Oz’s penchant for promoting quack treatments, had more to say about Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Check out the whole clip below or fast-forward to the 4:10 mark for the Oz segment:

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