Nashville singer who shot homeless man will serve no jail time

NASHVILLE — An aspiring country artist will get no jail time after twice shooting a man experiencing homelessness five years ago in Nashville.

Before Katie Layne Quackenbush opened fire in the early morning hours of Aug. 26, 2017, she was arguing with Gerald Melton. He had been awakened by exhaust fumes and music from Quackenbush’s Porsche SUV, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Melton later testified that Quackenbush asked him if he “wanted to die tonight.” 

Melton said he was walking away from Quackenbush’s vehicle when she drew a gun from her purse, exited the SUV and fired two shots. Quackenbush then drove with a passenger to a Taco Bell before returning home. 

Neither Quackenbush nor her passenger initially reported the shooting, police said. Instead, a person who found Melton called for help. 

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