2-year-old Middletown boy admitted to hospital after contracting 3 different viruses

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It’s been a tough couple of months for a family in Middletown trying to figure out why their son was so sick.

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For about 6 weeks the Jackson family said their two-year-old son, Wilder Jackson, just kept having fevers. They didn’t know what was causing it until this week.

Once they got answers their son had to stay here at Dayton Children’s for several days to recover. He was at the hospital fighting three different viruses.

“We knew something was wrong, we just didn’t know what,” Wilder’s mom Ciara Jackson said.

Ciara Jackson said this all started after a trip to Disney World in September. When the family got back Wilder got the flu, and over the next several weeks, wilder spiked several fevers that lasted for days. Ciara said his temperature ended up spiking to about 104 to 105 degrees.

After a couple of trips to the hospital, Wilder tested positive for Rhinovirus, Enterovirus, and Adenovirus.

“When the doctor said, okay, your child is going to get admitted, that was kind of a surreal moment, and riding in the ambulance with him, which he did not care for at all, that was really hard,” Ciara said.

Scott Jackson, Wilder’s dad told us, “As a dad that moment where is alright your son’s got to stay overnight in the hospital we don’t exactly when he’s going to get out, just my immediate role was like okay keep him comfortable and then literally get him anything he needs ever.”

Wilder was admitted to Dayton children’s last Sunday. while he was there, he received antibiotics, and IV fluids and had to rest. He got the all-clear to go home on Wednesday, after being fever free for 24 hours.

As wilder gets stronger, he’s playing more, and his mom and dad have this advice for other parents.

“Go with your gut if you genuinely feel like something is wrong with your kid then there probably is something wrong, and at the very least you’ll put your own mind at ease,” Scott Jackson said.

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