Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary acknowledges mismanagement

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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary acknowledges mismanagement

Nashville Tennessean

  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, which is one of six seminaries affiliated with the Nashville-based Southern Baptist Convention, is on the verge of a financial “crisis.”
  • Following the recent resignation of its president, interim Southwestern leaders announce budget reductions, while the board discloses details about conflict and mismanagement.
  • A major problem for Southwestern is that while its student enrollment decreased starting under Adam Greenway’s predecessor, the operating budget increased.

A prominent Southern Baptist seminary is taking corrective action as it reels from a cascade of financial mismanagement and reputational hits spanning several presidential administrations.

Interim leadership at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, disclosed to its board and the public last week details of its predicament following the resignation of President Adam Greenway in late September.

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