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Sometimes, everyday products our editors use don’t make it into our in-depth, long-form comparative pieces in which we vigorously test similar products head-to-head. That’s where our Editors’ Picks come in — where we highlight everyday products we personally stand by and use on a daily basis, and think you should too.

In October, we were introduced to a plethora of products, from cashmere sheets to dog raincoats. Some were forgettable, while others left a lasting impression. Because we’re committed to spotlighting the best products out there, we’ve decided to curate roundups of our favorite products we try each month.

Keep reading to check out the products we tested and couldn’t get enough of in October, or look back at our September favorites.

$15 $12.75 at Brooklinen

I already implicitly trust Brooklinen to make my bed cozy beyond belief, but did you know the brand has also perfected coziness for feet? I’m a huge fan of the marled Brooklinen socks, which come in a rainbow of soothing hues, because of their cushiony, super-soft terry lining, and I plan to be wearing them all winter long. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$449 at Amazon

Apple iPad (10th Generation)

Apple’s latest iPad has been an excellent companion for workdays and weekends alike. I’ve had a blast playing games and bingeing long hours of football on its beautiful (and now larger) 10.9-inch display, and when paired with Apple’s latest Folio Keyboard, it becomes a full-on laptop that’s been able to handle the vast majority of my day-to-day workload. When you pair all that with its slick new design that looks especially gorgeous in blue, you’ve got a device that I don’t see myself putting down anytime soon. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

$170 at Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth Waffle Bath Robe

Hotel robes hit different. They just do. And it wasn’t until this month (and pretty much my whole 20s) that I finally found one in a style as comfy, oversized, breathable, cozy and long as the ones stashed in some of my favorite hotel closets. I’ve tried a lot of robes in the past, but Cozy Earth’s new waffle robe is no doubt the best. I’m even wearing it as I write this! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

$24.99 at Amazon

Pefuny Cat Window Hammock

With temperatures dropping, sitting in the windowsill for hours is no longer an option for our cat. But, as it’s his favorite spot to watch the birds and small critters outside, we opted to get him a window hammock so he can keep an eye on his lawn even during the winter. This hammock from Pefuny was incredibly easy to assemble — it took about four minutes in total. The four strong suction cups have seemed plenty sturdy for supporting 13-pound Atticus. Plus, the included plush blanket topper provides a soft spot for your cat to rest their head. For just $25, this bed was a great purchase. — Emily McNutt, senior travel editor

$45 at Sephora

Crown Affair The Towel

This microfiber towel has become a pivotal part of my hair care routine. I almost exclusively air-dry my hair, but for my thick, extra-long locks it can take hours, especially in cooler weather. Since I’ve started using this hair towel, my air-dry time has reduced a noticeable amount. I love that the towel is shaped specifically for its job, so I can twist up my hair to dry and all of my lengths are within the cloth. It also has a convenient loop at the back so you can tuck in the end of the twist and the towel will stay in place as your hair starts to dry. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$120 at Ugg and Nordstrom

Ugg Tazz Platform Slipper

Unless you’re living under a rock (or you aren’t on TikTok, which are pretty much one in the same), you’ve probably seen these platform Uggs everywhere. Luckily, I got my hands on a pair and I’ve been wearing them nonstop. They feature a rich, chestnut suede, a warm Sherpa lining and a fashion-forward and supportive platform sole. Put these on your holiday wish lists STAT. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

$120 at Calpak

Calpak Luka Duffel

This duffel is the perfect weekend bag, and it fits a lot more than you’d think. I love the light brown color and plush look. Plus, there are lots of handy pockets, like a compartment for shoes, laptop and more. — Caroline Curran, associate editor

From $13.49 at Chewy

Frisco Front Walking French Artist Dog & Cat Costume

I had what was probably too much fun dressing my cat up for Halloween this year, with this costume really taking the cake. It easily attached around my cat’s neck, so in about three seconds she looked like little 6-pound French artist. As if the palette and paintbrush weren’t enough, it also came with a black beret. My cat’s pretty temperamental and this costume pissed her off the least by far, which is quite an accomplishment. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$279 at Coop Home Goods

Coop Home Goods Exhale All-Season Adjustable Comforter

My partner and I have completely different sleep preferences. I’m an early bird and he’s a night owl, and I like to be warm and bundled up and he likes to be freezing cold. For many reasons, but particularly the latter, this is why we’ve fallen in love with Coop Home Good’s new comforter. It’s a fully adjustable comforter with removable panels so you can easily customize it to get the perfect sleep temperature for both — and you can shed (or add) layers depending on the season. It’s safe to say, thanks to the brand, our comfortable battles are a thing of the past. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

$449.99 at Amazon

Fender Malibu Player

I’ve been on the hunt for a good electric-acoustic guitar for a while now, and once I got my hands on the Fender Malibu, I knew it was the one. Its compact design is perfect for my couch-bound writing sessions, it’s got all the electronics I need to easily get set up at shows and it simply feels great to play. And when I’m not strumming away, the guitar’s beautiful Arctic Gold design makes for a gorgeous accent piece hanging in my living room. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

$41.99 at Amazon

Recess Mood Sampler

There’s never a shortage of Recess spritzers in my fridge, so when the brand launched three new flavors this past month, I had to get my hands on a sampler. Each can is filled with refreshing sparkling water and is infused with magnesium and balancing adaptogens. It’s the perfect Sober October beverage (the Grapefruit Tangerine is my fave!) and really helps to boost your mood after a long day’s work. I highly suggest you try these if you haven’t already! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

$309 $262.65 at Brooklinen

Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Sheets

Cashmere scarf? Yes. Cashmere sheets? I wasn’t so sure until Brooklinen sent me a set to try. Surprise, surprise, they’re luxuriously soft and cozy, perfect for the chillier temperatures that have recently set in. Not to mention, the limited-edition Rust colorway is nothing short of autumnal perfection. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$548 at Frances Valentine

Frances Valentine Shelby Funnelneck Sweater

If you’re looking to splurge on a sweater that’ll no doubt last you many fall and winters to come, make it this one from Frances Valentine. Equally cute and cozy, the funnelneck sweater is made from a mix of merino and cashmere with a ribbed construction, so it’s super flattering. It’s not itchy like some other sweaters I’ve tried, and it’s not too hot either, so it can be layered as the seasons change. I got it in Natural, but I’ve been eyeing the gorgeous red-orange hue too. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

$32 at Amazon & $34 at Amazon

Sachajuan Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner

My hair is one of my biggest expenses, and to keep my color vibrant between salon visits, I love using the Sachajuan Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner. They help prevent color fade and make my hair feel silky smooth. I love that these products are free from parabens and cruelty-free. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$98 at Wild One

Wild One x IM Harness Walk Kit

Wild One can do know wrong in my eyes, so when the brand teamed up with designer Isaac Mizrahi this past month, I knew I needed to add the bright green and blue colorway to my dog’s “clothing” collection. The brand’s cult-favorite harness walk kit features a new ’90s-inspired, super-comfy and lightweight dog harness, a dirt- and chew-resistant leash and a color-matched poop bag carrier, so not only your pup, but YOU, can strut in style! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

$28 at Amazon and Joey Healy

Joey Healy Pro Sculpting Tweezer

I only get my brows shaped every few months, so having a trusty pair of tweezers is crucial to maintaining my arches in between salon visits. These feature a slanted tip for precise plucking, and the angle of the tweezers actually makes it easier to grab the small hairs that are just beginning to sprout. They also have a comb on the back end that you can use to style your arches (or I’ve even found it handy for de-clumping mascara). Plus, the gold finish makes it feel super luxe — it could also make a cute stocking stuffer for the holidays! — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$18.99 $11.59 at Amazon

Potaroma Flopping Fish Cat Toy

This flopping fish keeps Atticus entertained for hours. It’s (relatively) realistic and is the perfect kicker toy for the feline in your life. It looks like a fish and its tail flops on contact. Plus, it’s got catnip in it — a huge plus to pique your cat’s interest. The device is chargeable via an included USB cable, and I’ve found the charge to last for days. We — especially Atticus — are thrilled with this new toy. — Emily McNutt, senior travel editor

$129.99 at Amazon

Roku Streambar

Despite the fact that I cover tech for a living, I’ve somehow never gotten around to picking up a soundbar to augment the usually tinny audio that comes out of my TV. That finally changed when I brought the tiny but mighty Roku Streambar into my setup. It’s brought a nice boost to my TV sound quality to be sure, but my favorite thing about it is the fact that it packs a full-on Roku streaming player inside — something I take advantage of constantly to beam my Spotify playlists to the big screen with the tap of a button. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

$69.99 at Dyson

Dyson Pet Grooming Kit

Teddy’s hair gets super long, tangly and often unmanageable with just a brush, so having a pet grooming kit on hand in between his actual haircut appointments has been game-changing. Suitable for all pets with medium to long hair, this under-$100 grooming device attaches to any cordless Dyson vacuum and sucks loose hairs directly into the bin so they don’t build up on your floor or carpet. While Teddy doesn’t shed a TON, it’s still helped to keep his fur looking tamed, and I’ve done much less cleaning. Pet parents, you need this! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

$68 at The New Savant

The New Savant Androgyne Candle

In a world full of mass-production, it’s nice to light a candle that has been in the hands of fewer than five people. The New Savant candles are handmade in Brooklyn and are the best candles I’ve ever had the pleasure of lighting. I promise that you won’t find scents quite like these anywhere else. You can feel the love and joy put into each one. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$74 at Act+Acre

Act+Acre Everyday Renew Set

On the days I take an “everything shower,” I love to incorporate these Act+Acre products. They’re gentle enough not to strip the shine from my hair while ensuring a deep clean, scalp to ends. — Caroline Curran, associate editor

$60 at Sandoval

Sandoval Palo Santo Aromatic Incense

When I’m not burning my favorite candles, I love to light incense. Sandoval recently launched the Palo Santo Aromatic Incense Cones, and they’re spectacular. I’m all about sustainability, and these are made with 100% sustainable palo santo from the Andes Mountains of Peru. They give a fantastic burn, and the smell lingers for hours. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$65 at Max Bone

Max Bone Talon Raincoat

I feel like I don’t really need to explain why I love this raincoat  — I mean, just look at it. In addition to being the cutest thing on earth, it’s useful if your pup doesn’t like walks in the rain. While it won’t keep their entire body dry, it protects the torso and head from getting wet. — Caroline Curran, associate editor

$389 at Venus et Fleur

Venus et Fleur Le Grand Letter

If you want a gift that wows, or simply want to treat yourself, Venus et Fleur eternity roses will leave everyone speechless. These roses are so bright and fragrant and will last a year or more. This photo may look like I just received my order, but they’re already over a month old and are still as vibrant as ever. I feel like a celebrity having these on display and am just as obsessed as I was when I first received them. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

CNN Underscored Best Tested

$46.46 at Amazon

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows, Set of 2

I snagged this set of pillows during the Prime Early Access Sale and have fallen completely in love. I had been guilty of sleeping on pillows that were horrifically old (like “I got them in college” old), so now was definitely the time to switch things up. I tend to twist and turn while I sleep, and in any position these have been perfect for supporting my neck throughout the night. They’re not too full and not too flat, and I swear the cover is helping me stay cool too. No wonder we named them the best budget pillows for back sleepers and side sleepers. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$59 at Reflekt

Reflekt Smoothing Squalane Eye & Lip Treatment Cream

I have perpetual dark circles and don’t always love to cake on the concealer to try to hide them. I recently started using the Eye & Lip Treatment Cream from Reflekt and am impressed by the results. After two uses — seriously only two — I noticed a complete change in puffiness and an increase in brightness. This will become a permanent product in my skin care routine from now on. I feel so much more confident going makeup-free thanks to this. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

$16.99 $12.88 at Amazon

Chef'n Garliczoom Garlic Chopper

I cook with garlic a lot, but I absolutely detest chopping it; the cloves are just too small and my knife skills are below average. I’d resorted to buying the not-very-flavorful jarred minced garlic — until I picked up this handy device from Amazon. Simply stick a clove in the clear part, then roll the tool along your kitchen counter until your garlic is pulverized. Food prep has never been so fun. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$60 at Dr. Loretta

Dr. Loretta Resurfacing Enzyme Polish

I started using this leave-on exfoliating treatment twice a week in my skin cycling routine and love how soft my skin feels the next day. I’ve previously had great results with Dr. Loretta’s Micro Peel Peptide Pads, which I feel are a bit stronger than the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel wipes, but I wanted something a bit more gentle during the transition to fall weather. The Resurfacing Enzyme Polish makes my face feel smooth and soft without drying it out, thanks to glycerin, coconut oil and niacinamide. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$40 at Nude Barre

Nude Barre Fishnet Tights

I started wearing Nude Barre tights after featuring the founder Erin Carpenter on our Instagram series, The Highlight. (Follow us here!) I was so inspired by her story and reviews that I had to check out the product myself. In the past, especially for those in the entertainment industry, it was hard for a wide variety of people to find tights that matched their skin tone. Erin created Nude Barre to fight colorism in fashion, and I’m so impressed by the range of variety this brand provides. My favorite product is the fishnet tights! They look so cute and match my skin tone perfectly. — Sarai Thompson, social coordinator

$8.97 at Walmart

Bliss Cloud 9 Pink Blossom and Water Lily Body Lotion

I’ve been trying to get in the habit moisturizing my body daily, and it turns out I just needed a good-smelling lotion for motivation. This one from Bliss is lightweight, and the floral fragrance isn’t overpowering or sticky. The lotion melts into my skin quickly and keeps dryness at bay, even on cold and windy days. — Caroline Curran, associate editor

$368 at Frances Valentine

Frances Valentine Marie Long Sleeve Sweater

It’s officially sweater weather in New York City, and I’ve made it my mission to stop wearing scratchy, unflattering sweaters this year. This one has become an instant favorite. It’s made with entirely non-scratchy 100% merino wool and hugs my curves perfectly. It’s light enough to layer under a jacket yet thick enough to keep me cozy. Yes, the price is steep, but you’re paying for the quality for sure. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

From $9.59 at Chewy

Frisco Pig Dog & Cat Costume

This pig costume transformed my cat into the cutest little barnyard animal around — even if it only lasted on her for about 30 seconds. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

$89.90 at Quince

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman Crewneck Sweater

Need a more affordable alternative? Look no further. Cashmere can be a real pain to buy and maintain, but this one has completely changed my idea of the fabric. Impossibly soft and oh-so-cozy on first wear, I simply cannot believe it’s under $100. The thick fisherman pattern adds a nice touch to a relatively simple piece. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

$16 at Mani Muse

Mani Muse Perfectly Pressed Gel Manis in All Damn Daisy

These seriously cute press-ons are some of the best and longwearing sets I’ve tried. Not only do they come in a bunch of fun designs, but they are extremely wearable. Even with press-ons, I don’t like my nails to be too long, and these added just the right amount of length without being a nuisance. They didn’t get in the way when typing on the computer or using my phone, and they felt super secure once they were applied. I used them with the Glamnetic Brush On Nail Glue, because the brush applicator makes it so much easier to apply. The nails lasted the longest of any press-ons I’ve done — a full 10 days — and were relatively easy to remove without damaging my nails. — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

$248 at Argent

Argent x Agolde 90s MidRise Loose Fit

Agolde is my go-to brand for denim, and I’ve been loving this particular straight-fit style this fall from its collab with Argent. Featuring an exclusive light wash and a clean hem, these ’90s-inspired jeans are as comfortable as they are flattering. Whether you dress it up with a blazer for work or pair it down with a white tee (I’ve done both!), this style works with everything. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

$1,499 at Thermomix

Thermomix TM6 Limited Edition Noir

This heady do-it-all combo appliance took the place of some of my bulkiest kitchen machines, and does everything from mix, blend, chop, knead and even cook your food. I adore it because not only is there less mess and cleanup while you cook and bake, the Thermomix TM6 even weighs each ingredient with a built-in scale (goodbye, measuring cups and dirty mixing bowls). And the newest accessory even peels your potatoes for you, so Thanksgiving is going to be an absolute breeze (and I’m finally going to attempt my own pie crust and biscuits as well!). The white version has been available in the US for about three years, but this gorgeous, shiny black version will only be on shelves until the end of November. — Tobey Grumet, contributing editor

$595 at Argent

Argent Double-Breasted Blazer

I don’t know about you, but I basically live in blazers during the fall. I specifically can’t stop wearing this one from Argent, which fits slightly oversized and features traditional suiting details like a double-breasted closure, sculpted shoulders and interior pockets. This piece pairs perfectly with my Agolde jeans and white sneaks, or my favorite Spanx faux leather leggings and Dr. Martens. This is certainly a splurge, but something you’ll have for seasons to come. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

From $21.25 at Protéger

Protéger Dermal Sérum

I’ve been using hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and other serums on my face for years, so why shouldn’t the rest of my body get the same benefits? Protéger’s Dermal Sérum contains both fractionated hyaluronic acid and micro encapsulated vitamin C along with organic arabica coffee bean extract and organic aloe leaf juice to add a foundational layer of skin-loving ingredients into your body care routine. The serum — what the brand compares to a white T-shirt of skin care — can be used by anyone. It’s fragrance-free, safe for sensitive skin and super lightweight. I slather on a generous amount right after the shower, then it sinks in super fast, and then I follow it with body cream or body oil to seal it all in. Considering I’ve spent over $100 on a small bottle of face serum alone before, I’m impressed with the value of the full-size bottle for the whole body (plus, you can use the Dermal Sérum on your face!). — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

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