Arizona woman arrested for feeding homeless people sues Bullhead City

A woman is suing Bullhead City, Arizona, after she was arrested earlier this year for feeding homeless people in public, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court Tuesday. 

Police arrested resident Norma Thornton, 78, in March for sharing food with homeless people at a park in violation of a 2021 city ordinance that heavily restricts the sharing of food for “charitable purposes” at a public park. She had been serving people food at the park since 2018, according to the lawsuit. 

“Norma, and the rest of Americans, really, have a right to engage in charitable acts,” Diana Simpson, Thornton’s attorney, told USA TODAY. “And that includes the right to sharing food.” 

Thornton’s attorneys, a legal team from pro bono law firm Institute for Justice, argue the ordinance amounts to an effective ban on food-sharing and violates several of her civil rights under the 14th amendment. 

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