Solo Stove’s new patio heater is here to warm up your wintertime gatherings | CNN Underscored

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The onset of chilly fall nights doesn’t mean that your backyard entertaining has to stop. While layers, blankets and even fire pits can help keep away the cold, a durable patio heater is a surefire way to keep the party going. And even better if it’s totally hands-free and smokeless, right?

Solo Stove has got your outdoor events covered with the launch of the sleek new Tower Patio Heater. Using the same smokeless innovation you’ve come to love in Solo Stove’s fire pits, the Tower is fueled by 100% recycled compressed wood pellets. With a three-hour consistent burn time, you can enjoy toasty warmth from up to 10 feet away in any direction.

Make your outdoor living room just as comfy as your indoor one with the help of Solo Stove’s new Tower patio heater

With the Tower Patio Heater, you can forget huddling around a single heat source and let your pets and little ones roam around without worry that they might get too close to an open flame. And if your party wants to migrate to a new area, you can easily wheel the Tower heater around your space, letting the warmth follow you wherever you go.

Grab the Tower now for $599.99, and your heater will ship by mid-December — just in time to get your backyard prepped for all your upcoming holiday hangouts.

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