‘That’s Humiliating’: Trevor Noah Spots Saddest Part Of Liz Truss’ Epic Failure

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“If this was a relationship, I feel like at this point Britain’s friends would be sitting down with it like, ’Listen, honey, you’ve been through four prime ministers in six years. They can’t all be the problem, huh?” he added.

Noah also spotted what might be the worst part of the experience of Truss ― and it involves a head of lettuce. Last week, The Daily Star tabloid launched a livestream of an unrefrigerated head of lettuce with a blunt question for the title: “Can Liz Truss outlast a lettuce?”

“Oh, that’s humiliating,” Noah said. “Imagine being so bad at your job that you lose a joke contest. Because at first, people were like, ‘Ha ha! I bet she can’t last longer than a head of lettuce!’ And then by the end of it, they were like, ’Should the lettuce be prime minister?’”

See more of his look at the situation below:

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