Enver – Envato Purchase Code Verifier + Licenser

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Enver is a .NET library that provides secure purchase code verification for items purchased through Envato, e.g. POS software, HRM systems, Desktop applications, and Enterprise systems. It also provides a simplified and easy way to integrate secure license generation and copy-protection features for your Envato items.


  • Supports .NET Framework 4.0 and higher.
  • Easy integration with obfuscated, signed and secured library.
  • Provides a simplified yet powerful licensing model for Envato/Codecanyon items.
  • Securely verifies whether a purchase code belongs to a particular product.
  • Generates and installs securely encrypted Envato item licenses after a purchase code has been verified.
  • Encrypts licenses with strong military grade AES-256 encryption.
  • Very low memory footprint and impressively fast license validation tasks.
  • Designed for both lightweight and enterprise applications.

Why Enver?

  • Frees you from adding vulnerable internal purchase verification code in your projects that can be cracked or disassembled.
  • Securely verifies whether a purchase code belongs to a particular item, giving you security after publishing your items.
  • Envato licenses are generated using secured cryptographic keys preventing any third-party license re-generation.
  • All the core classes have been secured preventing inheritance or re-engineering.
  • The library has been strong-named, obfuscated, and signed to prevent tampering.
  • Provides copy-protection features for purchased Envato items licensed with it.
  • It’s super simple and lightweight as compared to other third-party solutions.


Enver comes with sample C# and VB.NET demo projects that will help you easily get started.

Need Help?

We have ensured we provide the easiest setups possible when licensing your Envato items. Once purchased, kindly see the demo attached for a guided process. You can also refer to the complete Documentation for more information.

Have any questions, issues, or doubts? Feel free to reach out via the comments section or email for direct consultations: wilskym[at]live[dot]com


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