11 Sex Podcasts to Make You Better in Bed

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When KarenLee Poter started online dating (after her husband was tragically murdered! though don’t let that distract you) her son Cam was surprised and a bit disturbed to see her profile pop up on his dating apps. This was the launching point for Sex Talk With My Mom, in which KarenLee and Cam share absolutely everything about their dating journeys, getting much more explicit than you might personally want to with your own mom (or kid). Cam’s a comedian and KarenLee is a sexually-liberated, self-identified cougar; on Mondays they respond to listener comments and questions, and on Thursdays they feature guests, ranging from comedians, to porn stars, to their previous sexual partners. Absolutely nothing is off the table.

KarenLee and Cam live in L.A., but they’re originally from the midwest, so while they might not have the typical mother/son relationship, there is something adorable about their close bond, which seems as wholesome as apple pie (which, thanks to the film American Pie, is now an extremely sexual dessert). Strap on …your headphones to hear KarenLee talking about thigh-fucking and dick pics, and Cam’s possible Syphilis diagnosis. You’ll laugh and cringe and wonder how far these two will go.

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