OUCH! Harry Styles Gets Hit Right In The Junk When Fan Throws Bottle On Stage

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Harry Styles described it as “unfortunate.” Most observers would call it something else: painful.

Someone at a Styles concert in Chicago last week flung what appeared to be a bottle at the stage. It hit the singer/actor right in the junk, as captured from multiple angles:

Styles handled it as best he could, saying he would “shake it off.” He briefly spoke in a falsetto voice before moving on with the show.

The singer has been something of a target on stage lately. In New York last August, he was pelted with chicken nuggets as fans chanted: “Eat it! Eat it!”

“I don’t eat chicken. Sorry,” he replied. “I don’t eat meat.”

He tossed the food back into the crowd.

“There you go, you can have your nugget back,” he said, and then it got even weirder:

The U.S. portion of Styles’ tour concludes with a run of more than three weeks in Los Angeles that kicks off on Sunday.

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