Cosplayer, boyfriend accused of ‘tricking’ Asian women into sex under pretext of collab opportunities

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Multiple Asian women have reportedly come forward to accuse a Chinese American cosplayer and her boyfriend of luring them into sexual relations through supposed opportunities for collaborative work.

Cosplayer and influencer Kat Wong, who describes herself as “just an Asian girl making silly content,” came under fire on Twitter last week after actor, director and host Gina Darling revealed that “multiple women” have reached out to her with such allegations.

“Multiple women in the Asian community have reached out to me about @katkwo4tweets and her BF allegedly trying to trick them into having sexual relations with them under the guise of collaborating on cosplays, OF (OnlyFans) and modeling,” Darling tweeted. “This sh*t just keeps on getting worse.”

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The allegations appear to follow an earlier online backlash against Wong, who has since changed her Twitter username from @katkwo4tweets to @Kat_kwo. A screenshot of a tweet from Wong’s former handle described her disappointment over “mids” who attended the recently-concluded TwitchCon in San Diego.

“Massively underwhelmed by the girls everyone kept hyping up who attended TwitchCon,” the tweet stated. “I’ve never seen so many mids in my life.”

Darling subsequently lambasted Wong for her “sh*t takes” and “embarrassing the Asian community.” She also accused the latter of body-shaming an Asian man and deleting her comment after she got called out.

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“Using sh*t takes like this to try to get more followers for your OnlyFans is even more embarrassing. It means you have nothing else to offer but that bucket of syphilitic piss you call a personality,” Darling wrote. “Not to mention all those car shows you go to to try to sell your little pictures, I hosted those before you got your first day job to pay for those boobs and I know the owners. Know your place @katkwo4tweets.”

Darling’s fiery tweets reportedly prompted Wong to block her on social media. However, it did not take long before more accusations against the cosplayer began pouring in. Screenshots shared by Darling show messages from individuals alleging that Wong and her boyfriend had been “persistent” in inviting them for sex. One described Wong’s actions as “predatory behavior.”

“They say overly sexual messages and it’s very uncomfortable,” one person alleged. “Occasionally she (or her fiance) will send unsolicited s*x videos from their OF site. She will gaslight you or manipulate you in general if you’re just tryna hang casually. And she’s an internalized racist.”

Another claimed, “I feel like if I turn her down, I’m losing a bunch of connections.” Darling said that particular message broke her heart.

“Being afraid to say no to someone because you don’t want to lose business connections early in your career is understandable, but not if it costs you your safety. And don’t worry. @katkwo4tweets is a nobody,” Darling wrote. “You won’t be missing out on much.”

Darling has brought the claims to the attention of event organizers to report Wong’s alleged behaviors and urged them to ban Wong from their shows.

Darling later shared a screenshot of a Facebook account allegedly belonging to Wong’s boyfriend.

“Stay away from these two and don’t interact with them,” Darling warned.

Wong has since set her Twitter account to private. Meanwhile, her Instagram page — where she has 313,000 followers — has limited or disabled commenting on its last few posts.

A Twitter user with access to Wong’s tweets shared what appears to be the details of an open lawsuit filed by Wong against Darling. However, certain details have been blocked out.

“Ooof, you should have made sure everything you said could be proved,” Wong wrote, as per a screenshot. “Don’t forget to sign and show up.”

It’s unclear whether Wong has taken any further action toward litigation. Another Twitter user claimed that her tweet “barely lasted 15 minutes.”

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