Green Bay Receiver Knocks The Cheese Right Off A Gloating Jets Star’s Head

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The Packers lost 27-10 on Sunday, leaving them and their home fans to be mocked by Jets rookie cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner. Gardner strutted around in a cheesehead ― the iconic headgear of enthusiastic Packers supporters ― and taunted the fans afterward.

He even took his celebration to the tunnel leading to the Packers’ locker room.

But Packers receiver Allen Lazard wasn’t having it. He knocked off the cheesehead and continued on his way inside.

A seemingly unperturbed Gardner retreated and kept the celebration going on the field anyway.

“I’m definitely never going to forget this moment,” Gardner told ESPN of his stunt. “It’s a tribute to the Jets fans. They put it on my head, the Jets fans. I just had to take it and run with it.”

No hard feelings from Lazard, who actually praised Gardner’s game and his nickname Sauce, the sports network noted.

“It’s just a little competitive spirit,” Lazard said. “Nothing too harmful in that aspect or anything. I’m sure he probably would’ve done the same thing if I was wearing a Jets hat or helmet walking off their field, so that’s just the competitiveness in me. No disrespect to him.”

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