Jimmy Kimmel Offers To Make Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Biggest Fear Come True

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Jimmy Kimmel said “klan mom” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is still spewing her racist conspiracy theories in an effort to scare voters into thinking they are being “replaced” by immigrants.

But that also gave him an idea.

Kimmel played a clip of Greene warning that immigrants were “replacing you, replacing your jobs and replacing your kids in school.”

“And coming from all over the world, they’re also replacing your culture,” she said. “And that’s not great for America.”

“It isn’t?” Kimmel fired back. “Because I kinda think it is.”

Then he went even further:

“You mean to tell me we could swap the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ flags and the alcoholic boat parades, we can replace the anti-vax Facebook groups and the Proud Boy circle jerks with empanadas and crazy soap operas? I’m OK with that ― please! I think the message is: Bring your big hats and your complicated mustaches and your jigs in lederhosen, your fish eyeballs, your soup dumplings, from all over the world and replace away.”

“We need a good replacing right now,” Kimmel said as the audience cheered.

See more in his Tuesday night monologue:

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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