WooCommerce Envato Affiliates Importer

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Start an affiliate’s website by importing items from Envato Marketplace via API. The items will be imported in WooCommerce and will create affiliate/external products.

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Key Features:

  • Import Items from Envato Marketplace (ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, AudioJungle, PhotoDune, GraphicRiver, 3dOcean).
  • Compatible with WooCommerce.
  • Import Envato Items in WooCommerce as affiliate/external products.
  • Advanced search by:
    • Term
    • Site
    • Tags
    • Category
    • Platform
    • Compatible with
    • Colors
    • Sizes
    • Size
    • Sales
    • Minimum rating
    • Minimum price
    • Maximum price
    • Poly Count
    • Item Type
    • Suggestions
    • Date
    • Updated Date
    • Minimum length
    • Maximum length
    • Tempo
    • Alpha
    • Vocals in audio
    • Looped
    • Orientation
    • Requires Plugins
    • Minimum resolution
    • Frame Rate
    • Page
    • Page Size
    • Attribute Key
    • Attribute Value
    • Username
    • Sort By
    • Sort Direction
  • Single Product Page options/fields
    • Price
    • Sales/Purchases: Number Of Sales
    • Site
    • Dates: Published & Updated
    • Author Details: Author Username, Author URL, Author Image
    • Rating: Count, Value
    • Trending: Yes/No
    • Key Features (3x)
    • Item Description
    • Item Banner (Main Preview Image)
    • Item ID imported as SKU
    • Item Tags
    • Item Categories (imported as category tree)
    • and more
  • Perfect for Affiliates (Reffer traffic to Envato from your website and earn commissions 30% Commissions from the first user purchase).
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Extensive Offline & Online Documentation
  • Fast as lightning and easy to use
  • Easy to use Settings Panel
  • Translatable in any language & WPML Ready
  • Responsive Layout


  • Product Page:
    • Item Author details & link
    • Item features to be listed on product page
    • Item rating stars
  • Some custom shortcodes for: Themes, Plugins, Graphics, Videos, Photos etc
  • Live Demos made with other popular themes (top 10 most popular themes)
  • Your Suggesitons: Open for suggestions.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Do I need WooCommerce?
A: Yes! This plugin works with WooCommerce only;

Q: What API is being used?
A: Envato API (API Documentation);

Q: How fast does it imports the items?
A: Let’s use the 100 items example. It will import them in <20-40 seconds;

Q: Compatible with other themes?
A: Yes! It is compatible with any theme;

Q: What is the name of the theme used in this demo?
A: iffiliate – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme by ModelTheme;

Q: How to Increase the Memory Limit on WordPress?
A: Please check this tutorial;

Usage in Themeforest Themes

If you are a developer or agency and want to bundle this plugin in a ThemeForest Theme then you need to purchase ONE extended license for EACH theme you submit on the marketplace. For any pre-sale questions please   Contact us Here

ModelTheme does not permit the reselling of any of our plugins/themes outside the Envato Marketplace.

The Extended License does not allow you to resell/redistribute the plugin without written permission from ModelTheme

Change LOG

WooCommerce Envato Affiliates Importer - 2


We do not provide refunds for these sorts of mistaken purchases. Due to the nature of digital goods, it’s not possible to “return” them. Therefore, refunds can only be given for products that are broken, but this is not the case, as our theme has been reviewed and accepted by an Envato review team.


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