Low Self-Esteem and the Female Enabler – Time to Self-Reflect?

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Low self-esteem can make you value the lives of others more than your own. Low self-esteem has to do with how you see yourself and has nothing to do with how you see others. If a woman doesn’t like what she sees in the mirror, she will likely look to someone else for confirmation. Take control of someone else’s life and try to fix that person, in some way, empowering them. There was another person she could see underneath herself. So she never really got a chance to focus on her own flaws because she was so busy focusing on who she allowed herself to be. She becomes obsessed with empowered people and begins to justify the bad behavior shown instead of holding the person accountable for what they know is wrong.

Although feeling worthless is part of the definition of low self-esteem, the results of low self-esteem can lead to potentially destructive behavior. Not being able to say no is a big deal for facilitators. I sat in a prison full of women who suffered from low self-esteem and couldn’t say no. Some women are facilitators and some are empowered. Permissive women often have drug-trafficking or pimp boyfriends whom they support and apologize to on a daily basis, thus perpetuating bad behavior.

Empowered women are often the product of a controlling mother, father, or family member who excuses their bad behavior. I often wonder why these women spend so much time in unrequited relationships that they give up their freedom. But I did so without a platonic relationship. I soon realized this was because, in general, in some cases, women were socialized and trained to behave in self-destructive ways for the benefit of men and women had to be Disadvantaged.

Self-reflection is a good place to start when you are overwhelmed by low self-esteem. Consider these questions as your journey to healing. What is your image of a strong person? Do you possess all or some of these qualities? Describe yourself. Write down your good and bad qualities. Is there anything you would like to change? Do not be afraid of what is revealed in your answer. You are on a journey to wholeness.

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