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Organize content like posts, pages or WooCommerce products in category folders. Mass content management made easy!

<strong>Organize content like posts, pages or WooCommerce products and all custom post types in category folders. It&#8217;s basically a file manager like Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, but for your content in WordPress. Mass content management made easy with Real Category Management!</strong>

Real Category Management allows you to organize all your WordPress categories within the overview table of each content type &#8211; easily and flexibly. Use your mouse to <strong>drag and drop your posts</strong> into categories. Create, name, delete or rearrange your categories. It works seamlessly with any custom post type. <strong>Just install this plugin, and it will work with posts, pages, WooCommerce products, LearnPress content, bbPress forums and much more.</strong>

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<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/02-h2-features.png" alt="Features" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/feature-manage-content-in-folders.gif" alt="Manage content in folders: Your categories etc. are visualized as folders for a better overview" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/feature-organize-content-by-drag-drop.gif" alt="Organize content by drag &#38; drop: Move content or assign it to multiple categories without the need to edit every post" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/feature-works-with-existing-taxonomies.gif" alt="Works with existing taxonomies: All WordPress hierarchical taxonomies are automatically used to visualize folders" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/feature-all-custom-post-types-supported.gif" alt="All custom post types supported: Organized all your content, whether posts, pages, WooCommerce products, LearnPress content, bbPress forums or something else (in free version only posts)" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/feature-support-for-woocommerce.gif" alt="Support for WooCommerce: Manage large product inventories efficiently and with a better overview that saves a lot of time" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/feature-switch-pages-without-reloading.gif" alt="Switch pages without reloading: Browse your large content library faster by changing only the contents of the content table, but not reloading the whole page" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/02-list-of-all-features.png" alt="You want a list of all features? Get it by scrolling down!" />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/03-h2-supported-languages.png" alt="Supported Languages" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/03-languages.png" alt="Real Category Library is in multiple languages available. The plugin is translated into English, German, Dutch, Spanish, and French." />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/04-h2-customer-opinions.png" alt="Customer Opinions" />

<a href="https://devowl.io/" rel="nofollow">
 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/04-already-bought.png" alt="Over 20,000 people have already purchased WordPress plugins from devowl.io." />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/04-rating-and-customer-optinions.png" alt="Top rated WordPress plugin: 4.8 out of 5.0 stars rated plugin. What customer says: &#8220;The scope of sites you can build is mind-blowing, it&#8217;s expanded, what I originally had planned for my site adding so much more useful functionality.&#8221; written by FullFramedPhoto; &#8220;If you want complete organization of your posts, pages and categories, this is the plugin you need. It is a great addition to Real Media Library.&#8221; written by krivoshiev; &#8220;Perfect plugin to ease your workflow. I work with WooCommerce and this one has saved many hours of my work. Also, great support.&#8221; written by greniusoy" />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/05-h2-free-sandbox.png" alt="Free Sandbox" />

 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/05-text.png" alt="You want to try Real Category Management before buying? Take a free sandbox and play around! A sandbox is a WordPress installation with the pre-installed plugin just for you. You can do what every you want on this installation." />

<a href="https://try.devowl.io/?product=RCM" rel="nofollow">
 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/05-button.png" alt="Get your free sandbox (demo)" />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/06-h2-support.png" alt="Support" />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/06-text.png" alt="Do you have questions before you buy? Or are you already a user of the Real Category Library and need support? Then simply read our knowledge base, open a support ticket or write to us in the live chat. We are happy to help you!" />

<a href="https://devowl.io/support/" rel="nofollow">
 <img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/06-buttons.png" alt="Read knowledge base or contact support" />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/07-h2-compatibility.png" alt="Compatibility" />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/07-compatibilitys.png" alt="Real Category Management uses WordPress taxonomies to show the folder tree. These are used for content types by most WordPress plugins. Therefore, you can easily manage content you created with the following and many more WordPress plugins. You can buy our plugin in the security that it works with your WordPress, if your plugins use WordPress custom post types and/or taxonomies. In the rare case that the Real Category Management is not compatible with a popular theme or plugin, just open a support ticket, and we will make it work. Compatible with: WooCommerce, LearnPress, bbPress, WP Job Manager, Strong Testimonials, Ultimate Member, The Events Calendar, FooGallery, Elementor, WP AutoTerms, Advanced Custom Fields, Popup Builder by Sygnoos, Mailster and Justified Image Grid" />

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/08-h2-all-features.png" alt="All Features of Real Category Management" />

   <li><strong>WordPress 5.x</strong> / Gutenberg ready</li>
   <li><strong>Manage content in folders</strong> that visualized your categories etc.</li>
   <li><strong>Full control over your folders</strong> in one toolbar (create, rename, delete)</li>
   <li><strong>Sort folders by drag &#38; drop</strong> and create a custom order</li>
   <li><strong>Quickly navigate</strong> through the folders with folder quick search</li>
   <li><strong>Organize content by drag &#38; drop</strong> without the need to edit every post</li>
   <li><strong>Existing WordPress hierarchical taxonomies are used</strong> to show the folder three</li>
   <li><strong>Custom post types</strong> like WooCommerce products, LearnPress content ore bbPress forums are supported (in PRO version)</li>
   <li><strong>Support for WooCommerce</strong> products and product attributes</li>
   <li><strong>Page change in pagination without reloading</strong> the whole page in your WordPress backend</li>
   <li>Works great <strong>on touch devices</strong></li>
   <li><strong>Translated</strong> into several languages</li>
   <li><strong>Compatible with plugins</strong> that uses WordPress custom post types</li>
   <li>Supports <strong>WordPress Multisite</strong></li>
   <li><strong>GPDR/DSGVO:</strong> The plugin does not collect personal data without your consent!</li>

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/09-h2-oranzie-like-a-pro.png" alt="Organize your content like a pro" />

Everyone starts their WordPress website from scratch. But over time, the content on a website can grow significantly. Especially with (WooCommerce) stores, (LearnPress) learning content or (bbPress) forums, hundreds or even thousands of entries quickly accumulate in your content management system.

You can lose the overview quickly or invest a lot of time digging through the content using filters. It would be easier if you could intuitively organize the content into folders. Just like you are used to from your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder for files. This is exactly what category folders of Real Category Management enable you to do. Managing content in folders is a better form of content management than clicking through long lists!

Real Category Management extends the functionality of standard WordPress custom post types and taxonomies. Custom post types &#8211; e.g. pages, WooCommerce products, or testimonials &#8211; are used by hundreds of WordPress plugins to manage new types of content in WordPress. Each of these contents can be efficiently managed with the folder tree of Real Category Management. Taxonomies &#8211; by default there are categories for posts &#8211; on the other hand, are the way to group content. We take these groups and visualize them as (hierarchically structured) folders to clearly display your content in folders.

That allows you to keep track of hundreds of articles in the online store, various lessons in your learning platform or thousands of threads in your forum at any time and to organize content efficiently!

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/10-h2-requirements.png" alt="Requirements" />

Real Category Management is a modern and high quality plugins. But we try our best to
 <strong>ensure backwards compatibility</strong>
 so you can use it even if your setup is not the latest.

 <li><strong>PHP Version</strong>: 7.0 or newer</li>
 <li><strong>WordPress Version</strong>: 5.2 or newer</li>
 <li><strong>Browser</strong>: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari,
  Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11</li>

<img src="https://devowl.io/wp-content/uploads/envato-market/real-category-management/2021-v3-2/11-h2-changelog.png" alt="Changelog" />

We update Real Category Management regularly. Not only do we fix bugs, we also add new
 features. <strong>All updates are
  included and free.</strong> Read about our latest updates!

Navigate to the complete release notes <a href="https://devowlio.gitbook.io/changelogs/plugins/real-category-library" rel="nofollow">here</a>.

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