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is the ideal WPBakery Page Builder add-on to effortlessly layout for WooCommerce and more.
This plugin provides a full set of easy-to-use WooCommerce shortcodes.

Want to stand out? Feel like breaking the rules? Why not customize the UIUX of Woo Commerce product display in more ways than one? Designing a fresh & unique Woo Commerce store is EASY PEASY with WooCommerce Page Builder.

Stand out from other web shops and roll your own shopping experience without lifting a finger to code. Using the Drag & Drop Visual Composer could not be easier. Woo Commerce Page Builder is a dream come true for innovative creative digital publishers who want to add custom slideshows, video and other engaging multimedia to enhance the online shopping experience.

If you make websites professionally, this is a must have add-on. Buy this plugin now and start making more money, creating unique e-commerce websites using any theme you want.

Customized WooCommerce Page Builder Demos

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WooCommerce Page Builder Features:

  • Online Documentation
  • Video Tutorials
  • Page Builder for WooCommerce:
    • Single Product page builder.
    • Product Archive page builder:
      • SHOP page builder.
      • Product Category page builder.
      • Product Tag page builder.
    • Cart page builder.
    • Checkout page builder.
    • Thank You page builder.
    • My Account Page Before Login builder.
    • My Account page builder.
  • Easily Installation.
  • Easily configure.
  • Support build page apply for each product or product category.
  • Support override the custom templates by copying woocommerce-page-builder-templates folder to your-theme.
  • This plugin provides a full set of easy-to-use WooCommerce shortcodes.
  • Plugins Compatible:
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Memberships by WooCommerce.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions by WooCommerce.
    • Compatible with WooThumbs – Awesome Product Imagery by Iconic.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Product Configurator by Iconic.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Composite Products.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Bookings.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Extra Product Options.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce German Market.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Germanized.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Simple Auction plugin.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Frontend Manager – WC Lovers.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace – WC Lovers.
    • Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Compare, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist.
  • Work with any theme.

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Full WooCommerce Shortcodes

WooCommerce Page Builder - 10

Product Image          Product Title          Product Rating          Product Price
Product ExcerptProduct Add To CartProduct MetaProduct Share
Product TabsProduct Additional InformationProduct DescriptionProduct Reviews
Related ProductsUp-sell ProductsUp-sell ProductsYITH WooCommerce Wishlist Single Add To Wishlist
YITH WooCommerce Compare Single Add Compare LinkWooCommerce Germanized Single Price UnitWooCommerce Germanized Single Legal InfoWooCommerce Germanized Single Delivery Time Info

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Demo Custom Single Product Page:

WooCommerce Page Builder - 15

Demo Product Page with 3 Columns.

WooCommerce Page Builder - 16

Demo Custom Cart Page template.

WooCommerce Page Builder - 17

Demo Custom Checkout Page template.

WooCommerce Page Builder - 18
WooCommerce Page Builder - 19
WooCommerce Page Builder - 20

Demo Custom My Account Page Before Login & Logged.

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WooCommerce Page Builder - 22
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Awesome Testimonials

“This is one of the best plugins I have used… incredibly good and very easy to use. I am (almost) an e-Commerce expert now!
”. netclick

“YES! Thank you team DAWNTHEMES! I have been waiting for this one for some time?. Party TIME!
The first time I started to look for this kind of woocommerce page layout tool was about a year ago. And here it is. Thank you again for cooking up this great plugin!

“I love it! GREAT THANKS! * VERY USEFUL! :)”.



Ver - 27 Dec 20:
- Fixed: the elements of Germanized for WooCommerce not shown
- Support WooCommerce Waitlist

Ver 3.3.9 - 03 Jun 20:
- Added Single Product SKU
- Added Single Product Categories
- Added Single Product Tags
- Added Single Product Weight
- Added Single Product Dimensions
- Added Single Product Attribute
- Support YITH Woocommerce Request A Quote

Ver - 29 April 20:
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Ver - 13 April 20:
- Auto plugin updates by registration plugin
- Added Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs

Ver - 08 February 20:
- Support import demo content
- Compatible with German Market
- Improve the CSS issue on theme Impreza

Ver - 08 January 20:
- Added Custom Cart Empty page
- Added Product Gallery Slider for product images

Ver - 10 December 19:
- Fixed translate issue
- Added Checkout form login

Ver 3.3.8 - 10 June 19:
- Fixed not work with plugin WooCommerce Product Grid Builder
- Added custom style for Woocommerce Breadcrumb, Archive Header Title, Archive Header Description, Archive Products Loop
- Added element action custom hook for your action hook, the plugin or theme action hook
- Added elements:
    + WooCommerce Pages: Display the content of WooCommerce Page
    + Products: Show responsive multiple products
    + Product Categories: Display responsive product categories loop
- Support German Market plugin
- Remove vc-map.php file to use the specific params

- Fix the issue on customizing form "Account Details" in My Account page

- Minor bug fixes and improvements

- Fixed the issue on the Single Product Description

Ver 3.3.7:
- [Added]:
    + Customize Thank You page
    + Options to customize the style of Product Title, Product Price, Product Excerpt, Product Description
- Improved for compatibility with themes:
    + Depot - A Contemporary Theme for eCommerce
    + DynamiX - A Contemporary Theme for eCommerce
    + Enfold
    + Fortuna
    + X
    + DIVI
    + Superfood

Ver 3.3.6:
- [Added]:
    + Customized Product Archive Pages:
        - Customized SHOP page
        - Customized Product Category Page
        - Customized Product Tag Page
    + Compatible with WooCommerce Memberships (Sell memberships that provide access to restricted content, products, discounts, and more!)
        - WC Memberships: Product Purchasing Discount
        - WC Memberships: Product Purchasing Restricted
        - WC Memberships: My Account Memberships

Ver 3.3.5:
- [Added]:
    + WooCommerce Breadcrumb
    + Account Details Display name
- [Updated] custom templates
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Ver 3.3.4:
- Fixed: Thumbnail issue in the Product Category
- [Added]:
   + My Account Bookings (compatible with WooCommerce Bookings)
   + My Account Subscriptions (compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions)
   + My Account Memberships (compatible with WooCommerce Memberships)
- Improved for compatibility with themes:
   + Depot - A Contemporary Theme for eCommerce
   + DynamiX - A Contemporary Theme for eCommerce
   + Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Ver 3.3.3:
- Improved for compatibility with themes:
   + Site | A Modern, Sharp eCommerce Theme by Select Themes
   + Bridge | Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme by QODE
   + Impreza | Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme by UpSolution 
- [Added]:
   + Single Product Direct Checkout
   + Single Product Continue Shopping
   + Product Category Thumbnail (You can display category with hero image as a banner.)
   + Product Category Header Title
   + Product Category Header Description (Product Archive Description)
- [Fixed] shortcode_custom_css function

Ver 3.1.2:
- Fixed Products Shop Loop columns issue 
- [Update]: Compatible with WooCommerce Simple Auctions - WordPress Auctions plugin

Ver 3.1.1:
- Added custom fields in My Account. There are many supported fields to add like text, textarea, date, dropdown, checkbox and radio fields
- Fixed compatible with Woo Thumbs plugin

Ver 3.1.0: 
- [Added]: WooCommerce Page Builder Settings Panel.
- [Move]: Custom Product page to Products > Product Template.
- [Move]: Custom Category page to Products > Category Template.
- [Update]: Online document.
- [Update]: Language.

Ver 3.0.1
-  [Fixed] Fatal error
-  [Added] My Account Payment Methods

Ver 3.0.0
  - [Added] Custom category page.
  - [Updated] Language
  - [Updated] Data sample
  - [Fixed] My Account Logout
  - [Fixed] My Account Before Login page
  - [Fixed] Compatible with both WooCommerce 2x and 3x

Ver 2.0.4
  - [Updated] compatible with WooCommerce 3.0

Ver 2.0.3
  - [FIXED] Duplicate Coupon on the Checkout page.
  - [Added] Option to enable custom Checkout Page template.

Ver 2.0.2
  - Support YITH WooCommerce Compare, YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, WooCommerce Germanized.
  - [Added] Single Product Page new shortcodes:
     + YITH WooCommerce Compare Single Add Compare Link
     + YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Single Add To Wishlist
     + WooCommerce Germanized Single Price Unit
     + WooCommerce Germanized Single Legal Info
     + WooCommerce Germanized Single Delivery Time Info
  - Minor bug fixes and improvements

Ver 2.0.1
  - [Added] Custom MyAccount Before Login Page.

Ver 2.0.0
  - [Improved-Fixed] Custom Checkout Page.
  - [Improved-Fixed] Custom My Account Page.
  - Support override the custom templates by copying 'woocommerce-page-builder-templates' folder to your-theme.

Ver 1.0.5
  - [Added] Custom My Account Page new shortcodes:
     + My Account Dashboard (You can custom the content of the dashboard)
     + My Account Orders
     + My Account Downloads
     + My Account Address
     + My Account Details
     + My Account Logout
  - [Added] Data Sample

Ver 1.0.4
  - [Improved] improvements single product page builder

Ver 1.0.3
  - [Fixed] compatible with WooCommerce version 2.6.0

Ver 1.0.2
  - [Tweak] Improved compatible with any theme. 

Ver 1.0.1
  - [resolved] Fatal error on activation if WooCommerce not installed and activated.

Ver 1.0.0
  - Initial Release

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