Why Retire to Merida Yucatan Mexico?

Merida yucatan is a very nice city in the south of Mexico, this city has some very good advantages, its known to be one of the most secure cities to live in and its situated in a very privileged position, because its near the beach of Progreso, Cancun and many archaeological places.
Many people are starting to discover the great place that Merida is to live in and are starting to come from different places of Mexico and from other countries as well. Many baby boomers from the USA are coming to Mexico to live comfortably and they are discovering Merida as one of the best places to live in Mexico.
There are a lot of developments currently going on in Merida that investors can take advantage of, for example the city is expanding quickly to the north and there is a lot of land that will be increasing in price in the coming years so if you buy right now you can recover your investment by many times in the coming years.
Merida Real Estate development is also growing quickly, many house developments are being made in different zones, where people can buy affordable or expensive houses depending on their needs.
There is going on a new development of luxury apartments that is situated in one of the best zones of Merida, those apartments come with everything you need to live comfortably without the hassles of a house.

On the other hand around Merida there are other major developments like the Yucatan Country Club and in the Beach of Progreso there are a lot of people that are developing houses and buying land to live there.

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