Why Leaders Must Create And Use Quality Actions/ Strategic PLANS?

The difference, between, real leaders, and the rest – of – the – pack, often, depends, on a variety of factors, and, especially, how one proceeds, forward, in order to try/ attempt, to make a quality change, for the better, for his organization, and constituents! After, over four decades, of personal involvement, in, nearly, everything, related to leading, effectively, from identifying and qualifying, to training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, I believe, strongly, one, often – overlooked, behavior, is, true leaders must, consistently, perceive, and conceive of, create, develop, and use, quality, well – considered, relevant, sustainable, action, and strategic PLANS! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, why it matters.

  1. Perceptions; priorities; planning; process/ phases: How one, aligns, his personal perceptions, with, those, of his stakeholders (and the group’s mission, etc), often, determines, which priorities, he emphasizes, etc! The essence of quality planning, consistently, respects the process, and realizes, to be effective, requires, a step – by – step, phase – oriented, approach, and understanding!

  2. Listen; learn; like/ love; leading: Only, when one, effectively, listens, far – more, than he speaks, will he be capable of learning, from every conversation, and experience, in a meaningful, relevant, sustainable, empathetic way! To make a difference, for the better, he must love, leading, and like the process! Do you, have the inner – fortitude, to proceed, with this degree of commitment, and discipline?

  3. Attitude; aptitude; attention; actions; assessments; articulate: Why would anyone, be inspired, and motivated, to – follow, if he doesn’t perceive, a specific individual’s, overall – attitude, is a positive, can – do, one? In addition, one must have a well – developed, relevant, aptitude, and skill – set, which helps him, focus, on creating the finest plans, forward! There must be, a direct relationship, between, one’s attention, and actions, based on thorough, comprehensive assessments, of what, is a true priority, in order to conceive and perceive of, the best action, and strategic plans, at the precise, point – in – time! Finally, real leaders, must articulate a compelling message, which motivates others, towards further involvement, and commitment!

  4. Needs; nuances/ niche; nerve: If you want to be a leader, you must care about the needs, and take the time to consider specific nuances/ niche, of the specific group! Will you have the nerve, to make a difference, for the better?

  5. System; service; strengths/ stronger; sustainable; solutions: A real leader must create and use a system, emphasizing service, based on aligning his personal strengths, in an attempt, to make us, stronger, and better! One’s system must be, both, relevant, and sustainable, and create viable solutions, to make a group, as good, as possible!

If you hope to be a leader, become the best one, possible! Will you be, up – to, the tasks?

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