Why Can’t We Put Ourselves, FIRST, Without Being Narcissistic?

There is often, a fine – line, between, putting yourself, FiRST, in a personally – valuable, manner, and, being a narcissist! Balancing, the essential components, of personal respect, and/ or, self – love, without, doing so, at the expense of others, is a needed, and necessary combination! After, over four decades, of conducting many hundreds of personal development/ self – help, seminars, etc, I believe, understanding this, thoroughly, and proceeding, accordingly, is important, and, perhaps, essential, but, often, quite challenging! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why, it is so meaningful in terms of trying to help, oneself.
1. Face facts; finding, fun; feel better/ feelings; finish: It serves no benefit, to lie, to yourself, but, rather, only, when/ if, you consistently, face – the – facts, and take the time, and make the effort, to give yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, in an introspective, objective way, will you proceed, in a beneficial manner! Your goal must be, better understanding, yourself, and finding, your best, path, forward! What is fun, for you, and what makes you feel better, usually? Will you, emphasize, on respecting the feelings of others, but, also, emphasizing, self – help, and personal satisfaction? How will you maintain the endurance, discipline, and commitment, to continue, to the finish, so you, become the best, you can, possible, be?
2. Integrity; imagination; image; inspire; initiative: Maintaining, absolute integrity, rather than opting – for, some path, of least resistance, enhances, your self – image, as well as the productivity, and potential, of your efforts! It takes the courage to proceed, consistently, with a relevant imagination, which inspires, you, and makes you feel better, about yourself! However, it also takes effort, to have the necessary initiate, to make personal changes, for the better!
3. Realistic; rationale/ reasoning; respect; relevant: You’ll need to be realistic, and, learn to effectively, take advantage of your personal strengths, while addressing areas of weakness, in a meaningful way! Consistently, evaluate, objectively, the quality of your rationale, and the level of your reasoning! If, you maintain, your focus, on relevant improvements, your potential, for additional self – respect, is enhanced!
4. Self – help; solutions; serve; stronger: Self – help, must be the cornerstone for enhancing your existence! Well – considered, viable solutions, invariably, serve your best interests, and make you a better, happier, more content, individual!
5. Take time; timely; time – tested; truthful; try harder: How one balances, the necessity of taking one’s time, without resorting to procrastination, and proceeds with well – considered, timely actions, often, makes a significant difference, for the better! It may be challenging, to proceed, being truthful, with – yourself, but, if you are, and commit, to constantly, trying harder, and smarter, you will optimize the chance, of being, the best, you can become!

Personal happiness, and self – satisfaction, often, depends, on the willingness, and ability, to put yourself, FIRST, while avoiding, the possibility of being, narcissistic! Are you up to these tasks?

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