Why Affirmations Aren’t the Easy Way Out

Sometimes I wonder how much life would be better if magic were real.

Imagine saying a few special words and, bam, suddenly you’re happy, wealthy and attractive.

Sure, sure. “The struggle makes it worthwhile!” I agree with the sentiment, but it’s not like I grind my own flour. I buy bread because convenience is worth something too.

But then we all have to return to reality.

Magic isn’t real and chanting a few words won’t get you too far.

Even if those words are affirmations.

Affirmations will help you… but, alone, they’re meaningless. After all, I could give the best affirmation ever to someone who doesn’t speak English. To them, it’s just a bunch of sounds.

Heck, I could get my computer to write it out 30 times a day.

Affirmations only work when combined with something else:


If nothing else, the discipline to repeat your affirmations every day.

Because it does take discipline. If you can’t focus and commit to repeating your words, how will you focus and commit to what they represent?

It’s easy to start something like this.

It’s harder to keep it going after it stops being so fresh and fun.

There comes a point where you’re afraid it isn’t working. Or maybe you’re afraid that it is. The fact we can access our inner potential, sometimes so easily, is one of the scariest things out there. It makes us realise just how much time we wasted, failing to live up to who we truly are.

You have to push through that.

Whether you’re using affirmations or any other self-improvement technique, you can’t let the change you seek stop you.

This is why they take discipline. It’s not only a long road but a surprisingly challenging one. If you could push a button once to make your life amazing, everyone would do it. But showing up every day, improving a little every day, sticking with it every day…

I hope this doesn’t scare you off.

You have everything you need to succeed right here.

You’ve been disciplined enough to survive this long – not everyone can say that.

And you’ve had the commitment to keep the problem alive. I know you don’t want the problem, but it still takes focus to keep it there. You could have abandoned it at any time, but there’s something good you want through all this.

Affirmations aren’t harder than living as you have been. They aren’t easier, too. Success and failure are as easy to endure as each other – it’s just some you’re more used to than others.

Changing and pushing through something new takes as much commitment as settling for things as they are.

Only the change you want is the smarter place to invest your energies.

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