What Qualifies Someone As A Great Leader?

Owning or managing a business, you want to become the kind of person that inspires others to greatness. If there’s nobody there to drive the quality of work to a certain level, more often than not, the work produced will reflect that.
So what really makes a good leader? It’s one of those things that’s easier said than done but if you look for people that are known for their leadership skills, a few things really stand out. Read these top ten tips to find out!
Be grounded
Stability is a trait that instills confidence in people. Being a grounded and centered person shows that you aren’t easily rattled. Other people will trust that you are making decisions based on sound logic and rationality instead of simply reacting to the situation.
Be mindful
The really great leaders are the ones that are mindful and fully aware, not just of themselves, but of everyone around them. They’re the type of people that will change their own behavior to suit your working patterns. They know exactly the right words to say to motivate you. Having awareness of what’s going on around you will help you figure out patterns, triggers and what makes people tick.
Problem solve creatively
Most great leaders are ‘big picture’ type thinkers. They have the ability to step back and analyze the workings of a problem and come up with a solution that is creatively effective.
Evaluate risks
Great leaders have an uncanny ability, not only to identify risks, but to evaluate the potential impact of these risks as well.
Generate a sense of urgency
As a top leader, you want to be able to move your team into action and develop a sense of urgency within your team. You may have the best team working with you but if they’re not getting things done, it’s time to try and motivate them.
Listen to your gut
Sometimes your mind will instinctively try to tell you that something is right or wrong. A lot of the time, these insights are argued away with logic but a great leader can use their intuition to their advantage.
Foster teamwork
When you work well within a team, you usually produce great results that reflect the amount of effort that went into the project. A great leader is instrumental in fostering good relationships in the team. It’s about engaging team members and getting them to buy in to your cause. This way, they are invested in achieving great results.

As you can see, being a good leader isn’t just about leading people to greatness, but fostering an environment to support greatness. Having a mentor or learning off somebody you think is a great leader is always a good start.

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