What Mulan Can Teach You About Building Confidence

I have just finished watching (for the nth time) the Disney movie Mulan. The movie is teeming with lessons about honor, respect and courage. Mulan is one great example of woman empowerment. But what inspired me most about the movie is Mulan’s confidence in facing almost every adversity in her life. 

For a start, in China’s superstitious environment, Mulan was considered as an unlucky daughter, always getting into trouble. She was matched to another guy but the wedding was stopped all because of Mulan’s clumsiness. After this, she was scolded enough almost to the point of being dishonored by her family.

At first, echoes of lack of confidence due to her incapability of bringing the family honor can be heard from Mulan. She felt that she has no place in her family and that she can never bring her family honor. 

Now, Imperial China has an ongoing war with the Huns and as a result, the Emperor ordered that every family should send their most able male relative. Unfortunately, Mulan’s family has no other male member other than her father seeing as Mulan is an only child. 

Fearing that her father will die in the battle because he was already old and becoming sickly, Mulan decided that she go herself with a hidden agenda of bringing her family honor. 

Though she is only a girl, and noting China to be a very paternal community, she still braced herself for that one opportunity and faced her fears. 

At this point, she was confident enough to either die in battle or go back from victory. In either case, she can then bring back honor for her family. 

Her confidence can also be seen during the time when she saved the army from the attacking Huns by firing cannon at a snowcapped cliff. 

Though, she was discovered to be a woman and was called off the army, she still continued saving China by going to the palace and saving the Emperor. She succeeded in doing so and people including the Emperor himself bowed down to her.

She never gave up and because of this, became a kind of savior for China from the hands of the terrorist, Shan Yu of the Huns.  In China’s paternal community, it is not an ordinary feat for a woman to be given honor by the Emperor. 

With her courage and confidence, she finally brought back the honor she was hoping for. As a beautiful Chinese saying goes,

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

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