What Is Magick With A Okay?

Medicine Woman

For the past 13 months I have been doing a course called The Rite of The Twelve Celestial Regents.

Its created by the people who also do the First Light flower essences of NZ of which I am a practitioner. It was suggested to me that I take this course, so I did.

I had HUGE resistances doing this course, at one stage wanting to drop out. I just had such an issue with doing ritual. I figured if I was going to take any action I may as well spend my time loading the dishwasher. lol I just didn’t see the point in standing in this direction and ringing this bell.

I didn’t see this as magick, but more as a course about the planets and Goddessy energy.

Damien Echols

During this time I decided to buy a few books and take a course by Damien Echols, someone I had been following quite a few years now, when I first came to know of him in the West Memphis Three case. Where he spent 18 years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit.

Damien calls himself a Ceremonial Magician, I started to follow him on Patreon after noticing such a huge change in him from the person he was after getting out of prison to the person he is today. I wanted to know what was it about his practice of magick that made the difference.

I was first drawn to him recently via his book about Angels. Then I started to read his book about Magick, and I felt as if it was tying in with the course I was doing.

I felt very much guided to Magick, but didn’t know why. And I still fully don’t know why.

What Is Magick?

Damien says in High Magick “First of all, you’re already doing magick. With every thought, word and deed you are influencing the world around you and determining what comes you’re way.”

Magick with a k differentiates itself from Magic which is performance magic and the likes of David Copperfield and David Blain.

There is High Magick and Low Magick (and of course black magick which is what most people think magick to be).

High Magick is about spiritual growth and Low Magick is about earthly wants and needs.

Low Magick is what we mostly think about when we think of magick, spells for love and attracting money etc. But Damien does say that you can’t think further than this if you can’t put food on the table.

High Magick is what I am mostly focused on. I’m in the early stages of the rituals he has outlined, such as the Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram ritual.

I am starting to have less resistance to doing the rituals though, I am starting to see that the movement and embodiment of standing and doing arm gestures, isn’t that much different than say qigong and raising and directing energy.

I don’t have an issue about qigong the way I do about magick, so that tells me there is a lot of negative energy in the collective consciousness about magick, and also from my past lives.

The LBRP is about clearing space, and also calling on ArchAngels, Vibrating names of God, and facing Elemental directions, which a lot of other religions practice.

Another way to describe Magick is Theurgy, which is about aligning yourself to the source of creation to become more like it. Which really is just another way of describing Spiritual Growth. A lot of religions see this as the path to God as well.

As Above So Below

This saying is quite well known in personal growth circles now, perhaps because of Law of Attraction and how popular it is.

As Above So Below, As Below So Above, As Within So Without. And we can influence one plane by action in the other.

Perhaps most of my Spiritual life has been working on the higher planes, but I think I am being called to Magick to embody Heaven here on Earth, rather than doing it all mentally and not including my body.

I certainly feel more empowered.

This is just a small view into Magick, there are a lot more aspects and rituals, tying in the Tree of Life as well.

Did You Have A Negative View of What Magick with A K Was Too?

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