What Is Konad Nail Art? (Unique Nail Art Method)

Konad nail products originated from Asia – area well recognized for good quality nail artists and cool and trendy nail techniques. At the moment, Konad nail goods are freely readily available across the world and so are fairly quickly becoming nail artist’s most suitable choice for fast, detailed nail art styles.

Konad stands out as the “mother” of nail stamping products and quality wise there aren’t many alternatives out there. Sure, many companies are developing nail art stamping goods nowadays but many are only low-cost Konad replicates – pattern and quality wise.

To begin working with Konad technique the right way, you’ll need:

  • Konad Image Plates (you will find more than 75 various plates offered)
  • Konad Stamping Polish (several dozens of shades readily available)
  • Stamper & Scraper set (is available separately or as a part of Konad package)
  • Base coat (unique base coat to use beneath applied design)
  • Top coat (unique top coat to seal off completed design)

I suggest spending as a minimum couple of hours practising before presenting Konad to your clients. As basic as nail art stamping system may appear, there are numerous tips & tricks you should know of:

  • If you’re using a fresh package using a fresh stamper, make sure to gently file it with a high grit (240 ) file if not special polish won’t stay with stamper’s work surface.
  • Use ONLY Special nail polish manufactured by Konad! Don’t be misled by cheap clones, it’s not a usual nail polish! Konad Special nail polish for stamping is much thicker than usual nail polish and it has a lot higher viscosity level to get those detailed designs flawlessly done.
  • Before applying top coat, let design dry for a little bit (otherwise it may smudge and destroy entire pattern).

Just like any nail art technique – only practice makes perfect! Don’t worry in case you’re not getting perfect results first time applying Konad, it’s absolutely normal. Simply spend couple of hours on enhancing your technique and soon enough you’ll end up creating mindblowing patterns using Konad items.

If you’re serious about your nail art career, make sure you invest in quality products only. Konad nail art system presents fantastic bargain because each and every image plate gives numerous designs and can be used repeatedly. Special nail polish bottles are 10ml in size and definitely will continue for quite a while (dozens upon dozens of clients).

When you’re just starting out with nail art, Konad kits are great for you! They’re ideal for newbies as have several of most popular design plates as well as special nail polishes (typically white, dark colored, red-colored as well as green). Just about all Konad stamping items are compatible with each other so you can very easily add more image plates or polishes as your skills enhance!

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