What Are the Advantages of Hand Yoga?

We all know that health and wellness are the keys to a happier and longer life. Modern phase of living can be very stressful, draining out our system every now and then. We need to gain back that strength and energy in order to continue living healthily and productively. Thus, there are many health programs being formulated to cater to these needs. One of the most prevalent health practices is yoga. It has gained popularity not only in Asia but including in the Western part of the world too. Its benefits and advantages have been noted over the past years and still continue to evolve even in teens and oldies for a better feeling of well-being and to establish a good self-esteem and level of confidence.

Most of us are familiar with Yoga alone and to find something like hand yoga is very much interesting. We might be thinking of how does it differ from the traditional yoga practice or how can you be benefited from it.

Yoga classes and instructors have been including this hand gestures technique which is believed to mainly focus on the brain functions giving you a sound mind. Decision making is very crucial nowadays as it can totally affect our future. What and where we will be in the next few years depend on what decisions we make today. By having a well-improved mind we can be certain of getting the right decision in every situation that we face.

What is good about hand yoga is that it concentrates on both parts of the brain; the right and the left hemispheres. Aside from the problem-solving part of the brain-that is, the left hemisphere, the right hemisphere, artistic side, is also being enhanced. Studies show that a normal individual cannot have both improved hemispheres simultaneously. It is either you are good at one and not on the other. However, with the incorporation of hand techniques in your yoga routine you are indeed opening yourself to a state of mind which is dually active.

Yoga has been there for almost hundreds of years with proven effects. For more details on this new hand movement technique and its detailed benefits you can search online or you can ask your yoga instructor about it. If you are one of those who are tired of being physical in the attempt of getting the right balance of your body and spirit you can try this yoga meditation for a more relaxed and very fulfilling health and wellness condition.

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