Watch Sports And Work On Your Goals

My son was about 4 years old when he asked me why I was screaming while watching the football game. He said they can’t even hear you. I thought to myself that is true. I’ve spent hours upon hours getting worked up for years watching my favorite teams. There would be some satisfaction if my teams won. However, my local teams which I have spent my precious time watching never win or have not won anything in thirty years.

I am the kind of person that buys my favorite teams gears as the local sports teams are dear to me. When my team would lose it would make me feel low or even depressed. This has happened for many years. Unfortunately, all the local teams in my area can never advance to the championship game even though they put up great numbers and win many games.

I have come up with a few pointers that can have you enjoying the game and getting your work done at the same time. Here are my three recommendations to be more productive during your favorite team’s schedule:

Work and watch the game. Work means work so during commercials put the TV on mute and get some work done. If you don’t care too much about the opposing team’s play on offense continue working then watch when your team is on offense

Watch the end of the game. You probably know then the final period/inning/quarter of game is. Work until then. Then turn on the TV. Now you can watch knowing that you have completed the work that you wanted to get done on your To Do List

Highlights. You can always work through without watching the game and catch the highlights after the game is over. Hopefully you will have gotten your work finished which will make you feel good. If your team happened to lose the game you may not feel so bad because at least you did some work.

You can peek at the scores on the Yahoo sports app or any other sports app. Be sure to keep the peeping to a minimum. Or you will not get anything done.

Reaching our goals are much more important than watching someone else reach theirs. You will never look back and wish you spent more time watching more sports. Instead you may have the opposite regret if you don’t hit your personal goals.

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